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High School Essay

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High school is an interesting place. Not just an interesting place but a place full of rowdy hordes of boys filled to the mouth with testosterone and dishonest complicated girls who will twirl their opposite sex schoolmates around their finger to their will. A place where athletes are made into all-stars or are broken. A place where Hollywood stars and talented voices of soon to be radio singers dominate the stage of their auditorium. It’s a place where tears are shed in school bathroom, where the real world starts to open its gates for the soon to be adults and where seniors prank on not only the freshmen but the staff too. All of the moments experienced in high school generally happen ...view middle of the document...

Communication between groups is rare action but in some cases, contact with another group may occur. Even though nerds tend to associate within their own group, nerds sometimes venture into a popular group to do some homework for a mindless jock or a rich boy paying his way through homework. The troublemakers never exchange dialogue between the nerds because nerds strive for excellence and good grades while the troublemakers could care less about grades and “excellence.” On the other hand, popular kids will chat with troublemakers because popular kids tend to cause trouble themselves. In the rest of this essay I’ll discuss what students make up each category and whether of not the forming of cliques is a good or bad activity.
So, the popular kids are athletes and preps. Preps are kids who gel their hair, wear luxurious clothing, cake their face in make-up and have egos bigger than their parent’s half a million dollar house. Preps tend to treat “inferior” classmates poory and if another “non-prep” student happens to receive a glance from a prep, filthy glares and snickering laughs will follow. Preps don’t care whose feelings they hurt as long as they have their money and stylish looks. The athletes are the other breed of popular kids. These are the kids who carry around some type of sport ball to gloat their superior skill, wear sweats every other day, if not every day, have a cheerleader hanging on them on them 24/7 and walk with swagger down the halls. Sometimes athletes tend to be more to be a little more down to earth than preps but be aware, athletes can have bigger egos than any preppy kid. Both preps and athletes are looked upon as superior because of money and skill. Which, in the world today, is the same. Average Americans look at professional athletes and Hollywood stars as superior. Cliques aren’t just high school, they’re in the real world too.
Following the smallest group comes the troublemakers. Troublemakers consist of gangsters, future dropouts, druggies, skaters, punks and goths or emos. As said earlier, troublemakers don’t care for school due to the fact they know they could be doing something better such as smoking or grinding the skateboards on some rail or riding around with a gang. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to associate with troublemakers just due to their nature to be distant and careless. The druggies receive the most associating out of the troublemaker group though. Popular kids tend to have a sweet tooth for drugs and druggies will do the supplying. Gangsters usually don’t attend school and emos or goths don’t talk much and have a mysterious side to them. Some emos and goths have “unique” likes and styles and some emos even cut themselves, which can be dangerous and painful. The troublemakers live a peculiar and different lifestyle but it’s their decision.
Lastly comes the vast group of nerds. The nerds aren’t necessarily awkwardly dressed people with taped glasses. Nerds are the kids...

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