High School Graduation, Do I Want To Go To College Catholic High School/English Essay

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High School Graduation, Do I Want To Go to College
I had just graduated high school and I was still paying rent to live in the
back room of my parents’ house. At that time, 9/11 had just happened
and I was filled with a sense of patriotism and retribution and the desire to
do something about it. So, I joined the army, and was with the 81’s
platoon stationed in Mishawaka. Mishawaka was great for many things,
but It was not the best location for me because there was limited exposure
to the theatrical events, such as, movies, live theatre, and film. I was
entertained by plays in High school and the Blockbuster movie rental that
no longer exists. Mishawaka was not a real cultural epic center, but it did
provide resources for small knit military families.
When I was a senior in High School I decided to go into acting and
auditioned for Julliard. Unfortunately, I did not get in. Then, I made the
decision that college wasn’t for me, so I started a journey to L.A. I have
always heard that people can drive to LA with little money and start a
successful career. So, I went to LA but didn’t quite make it, I got to
Amarillo Texas before my car broke down and I used all the money I had
to start my career to fix my car. So, I eventually made it to Santa Monica,
didn’t stay very long,...

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