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High School Influence Essay

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College is an important decision to parents, but teenagers are more focused on social lives, rather than their careers. It is a difficult task to understand what their major should be, but more so where they are going to go to study that major. High school influence is the main factor which students base their college choice on, but the activities students choose in school effect where they go more than their out of school activities.
It is a possibility where many environmental factors contribute to choices, while teenagers are not aware of it. For example, health, law enforcement, business, government, media, community activities, and sports recreation all are possible influences to where ...view middle of the document...

For instance, religion can be viewed in many ways, specifically based on out of school activities, as it is illegal for public school prayers. However, when teenagers choose where they are going to college, a religious based home life would persuade them to choose a college close to a church or is strictly one type of religious view. Gale Opposing Resource center explains how “seventy percent of students in college have religion as one of their three most important life ideals”. Although, religion is one of the many outlying factors that students consider when choosing their college.
The student surveys that were passed out and taken showed results of extensive and broad answers. Many students participate in sports in and out of school, plus community service. There were only four students who said they do not do community service and two who said they do not do any sports activities. Most students have an idea of where they would want to attend college, however, they feel their grades are not satisfactory or their extra-curricular participation is too low. Twenty-three of the thirty students surveyed answered back that they feel in school clubs and sports influence them more in where they will choose to go to college. They feel that colleges view whether you participated within your own high school as an active member rather than any activity any student could do out of school.
One of the anonymous surveys that were filled out stated that they wanted to attend UCLA. When research was conducted they answered: I would choose to attend UCLA based on which degree I want to study and because their basketball program is similar to the one I participated in while in high school. As the research explains, students choose where they go to college based on many more factors than what activities they do in school and out of school. Although, if the decision of which one influences graduates more, it would be the activities participated in throughout school.
There were also interviews through e-mail that were conducted. Three candidates were chosen to send...

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