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High School Sports Essay

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Our school district has recently brought up an absurd suggestion, that high school sports should no longer be funded. However, I and many other students believe that high school sports have come to benefit students. Sports benefit players educationally, they aid in the process of developing the ability to set goals and go after those goals, and they promote educational aspirations, closer ties to school , and occupational aspirations. The funding of high school sports should continue.

According to the National Federation of State High School Activity Associations, sports promote “participation and sportsmanship” in an effort to “develop good citizens through interscholastic activities which provide equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences to students while maximizing the achievement of educational goals.” Being involved in high school sports helps to increase ...view middle of the document...

Although sports benefit players educationally, they also help to develop the ability to set goals and go after them. This ability is gained through the competitive process of competing in sports. The Institute for the Study of Youth Sports investigated outstanding high school coaches who were previously recognized for the character and citizenship building contributions to players. In this investigation, they discovered that these coaches were helping players to win over 70% of their games. These coaches stressed winning, but they never made it the most important objective. Personal and educational development of the players always came first. While pursuing excellence, they helped their players to grow as individual people.

Finally, high school sports also promote educational aspirations closely related to school. A study conducted in Michigan has claimed that adolescents who are involved in sports have “increased educational aspirations, closer ties to school, and increased occupational aspirations in youth”. One example of this is Andre Gregory. He aspires to get into a good college with a baseball scholarship and hopes to play pro baseball in the future.

On the other hand, many people are disagreeing with the very strong benefits from sports mentioned above. Today, many people are worried that there may be an over-emphasis placed on winning in sports. Although at times this may be true, it is the coaches responsibility to keep the main objective of helping players to grow and develop as a person.

To finalize my points, I would like to point out that there is obviously a more positive effect from high school sports than negative. If coaches keep their priorities in order, there should be no problem of halting the benefits that players get from participating in sports. High school sports benefit players educationally, they help to develop the ability to set goals and go after those goals, and they promote educational aspirations, closer ties to school, and occupational aspirations. The funding of high school sports should continue.

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