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High School Students Drop Outs Essay

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In spite of high school student dropout prevention programs already in place in the public school system, even more are needed to help students realize the dire consequences of dropping out of school. A study done by NYC Department of Education states, “Over 20,000 students drop out of high school each year”. It also states, “Most of them are Black and Hispanic. Another study was conducted in 2006 and concluded that about 19 percent of Hispanic students and 15 percent of Black students dropped out, and only 8 percent of Asians and 9 percent of whites dropped out as well”. With careful planning and consideration for the tax payer and the at-risk students, the United States can implement programs which effectively incorporate parents and teachers. Curricula could include: mandatory after school programs, tutoring/mentoring, and community activities, all of which can help to change the students’ outlook on their future.
The students and their families are the most impacted by the high school dropout prevention programs. High school graduates have higher sense of accomplishment and a greater skill set needed to succeed in this faltering economy. Kimberly Knestings stated in “Students at Risk for School Dropout: Supporting their Persistence”, “If students do not believe that they benefit from earning a diploma, and if they do not accept responsibility for doing their work and following school rules, then their attempts at persistence are unlikely to be successful.” Additionally, society is positively impacted by a greater number of high school graduates. Since graduates earn more, they are less likely to commit crimes for money nor do they have to rely on public assistance. Funding for welfare programs and unemployment programs can be estimated into billions of dollars. A high school prevention program is beneficial to parents who are often underused resources. Section one of the Parental Right Amendment states, “The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children is a fundamental right.” The parent has a right to direct the education of their child. High school students are becoming young adults, which makes it hard for parents to know whether or not their child has a grasp on their studies. By directing their child’s education, parents are able to recognize their child’s strengths and weaknesses in school, thus minimizing their chances for failure. Lack of parental guidance can be a huge reason of why students dropout. A study was done by the Urban University and the urban school district that stated, “The power of parents to shape their children, though well documented in the literature, may often be underemphasized or even overlooked by schools.” Parents, teachers, and students working together is vital to the success of the high school graduate.
After school workshops can help ensure that students are college and career ready. Workshops that help students recognize the value of education and the importance...

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