High Security Military Base: Area 51 And Aliens

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Located 90 miles north of Las Vegas sits a high-security military base widely known as Area 51. For decades people have had suspicions about whether or not alien life forms exist and if so, whether or not they are imprisoned at Area 51. This curiosity has been fueled by not only interest in extraterrestrials, but also reported sightings of foreign life forms not from planet Earth. The conspiracies, other life forms exist and are being kept at military base, have largely been fueled by the government’s involvement in nearly all reported sightings. Area 51 not only has discovered other forms of life from outer space but also is most likely conducting strange experiments there.
The government that operates Area 51 probably has something to hide. “The faculty, which comprises thousands of acres, is surrounded by security fencing and intruder-detection systems, and is regularly patrolled. A no-fly zone operates above it” (Lewis 7). When trying to keep a top secret controlled and contained, special precautions would be prepared and enforced. “Few of the human government employees who work at Groom have ever talked about their work” (Lewis 7). In order to work at a top secret facility, a person would be inclined to keep quiet about work and everything he is involved with at the work place. Many people argue that many experiments have taken place at the super-secret base, but not on aliens. In 1989 Bob Lazar, a former government employee who worked at Groom Lake (Area 51), announced that “… he too had been involved in “back engineering” at Area 51’s S-4 hangars complex…” (Lewis 7). Back engineering is “The analysis of a completed system in order to isolate and identify its individual components or building blocks” (encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com).
The US military almost certainly recovers UFO’s and conducts “back-engineering” on the ships, so the technology can be used by the US military. “Back engineering” is one of the many things people suspect to be going on at Area 51. When having the ability to manipulate advanced technology such as alien space ships, why not keep it a secret? The government probably tries its hardest to keep the public in the dark, in order to keep the technology discovered from space vessels, such as the aircraft found at Roswell, a secret from enemy countries. This would not only benefit the people of the United States, but mostly the military. “Arthur Exon, a retired Air Force brigadier, who told of unusual debris brought into Wright Field in 1947 which was indestructible despite its extraordinary light weight” (Lewis 465). Indestructible military aircrafts would almost ensure that military personnel engaging in air combat would not be shot down, therefor no one would die. It’s an extraordinary solution to the United States military and the high death rate it portrays, thus making the military a more attractive choice for men and women as a career. The use of this technology could put the US, a world power already, at...

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