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High Speed Rail And The Advancement Of America

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Along with hover boards and flying cars, high-speed rail is one of the most iconic futuristic technologies discussed today. With great success, European and Asian countries such as Germany, France, Japan and China have been enjoying bullet trains for decades. Japan has been a leading innovator of high-speed trains, and has currently developed a train capable of 315 mph (Shadbolt). This MagLev is revolutionizing public transport and changing how the world view trains forever. The average European high-speed train can travel at speeds in excess of 220 mph (“The 10”). The United States is falling behind in this highly efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly high-speed train race. With the amount of traffic congestion between cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, Dallas and Houston, and Miami and Orlando, high-speed rail could significantly decrease the time and cost to travel between these cities. With the ability to travel 200+ mph, safely, time would be cut by around 70% (based off of calculations of average travel time by car from Dallas to Houston (4.5 hours), and estimated time of travel for a high-speed train (1.28 hours) in Waizel). Will this not only decrease the travel time, it reduces traffic, which saves lives by reducing risk of a traffic accident, helps the environment by reducing the cars on the road, creates jobs, and reduces airport traffic for the short flight. High-speed rail overall benefits the United States by creating jobs, helping the environment, reducing safety risks, and bringing safe and reliable public transport.
The U.S.’s unemployment rate is steadily decreasing (“Databases, Tables”) thanks to a recovering economy and many companies as well as the government trying to help people find jobs. High-Speed rail has the ability to decrease the rate of unemployment exponentially. California has just received a new state grant to allow eleven different categories of people to receive special training to work on California’s high-speed rail project. This $1.5 million is dedicated solely to start the training program, allowing almost every kind of unemployed person an opportunity to land a job (Mumma). Unfortunately, California still has not started the construction of their high-speed rail project, but this shows, early in the development of the project, that high-speed rail will create a plethora of jobs. While there are a limited number of spots in the grant (Mumma), “But there will be thousands of jobs that we need to get people ready for,” Eager added” (Sheehan). Lee Ann Eager is the executive director of the Fresno County Economic Development Corp, and while being interviewed by Sheehan, she states that there will be many more job opportunities available once construction begins, and then once the system is up and running, there will be thousands of jobs that need to be created to keep the rail system up and running safely and efficiently. A maintenance station for example, could house around 1,500...

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