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Seeing past the flawed, faith in possibilities and insistence on equal opportunities for all defined the Romantic’s outlook and attitude. With sights firmly set on the wonders of another dimension, The Romantic Temper is filled with thoughts of peace and grandeur. The ability to imagine and fantasize is what allowed for the Romantic man to flourish, even the most turbulent times. In the mid-century the Romantic artists in America experienced their nation’s capital burned to the ground, the panic and depression, but instead of giving way to the pressure, they created some of the greatest literary pieces ever produced in the America’s history. Their passionate conceptions boldly challenged, ...view middle of the document...

Hawthorne’s tragedy, The Birthmark, contrasts to Poe’s Ligeia in that the husband, Aylmer, had a classical way of thinking. To the classical Aylmer, he felt obligated to the task in which he should “[correct] what Nature left imperfect” on his wife’s face, but in comparison the “natural” man, Aminabad, in his Romantically spurred utterance said that, if Georgiana was his wife,“[he would] never part with that birthmark” . It being a tragedy, the unfortunate Aylmer learned far too late about how to deal with nature and the beauty which it holds. If he had, then he very well could have learned that the mark singularly was the only thing of which to hold Georgiana’s soul to her physical body. To the Romantic, the natural beauty of Georgiana was found in the mark itself, rather than a hindrance of perfection.
“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” . There is much more value in a man’s soul, than he will ever be able to use. So many people, who are lacking in Romantic points of view, will lose sight of who they are, slowly degrading mentally and physically, until they eventually end up like Bartleby the Scrivener, in the state at which they “would prefer not to” do anything at all. His heartbreakingly sad demise is one that of a warning, that it is an extreme necessity in order to live, that you set your thoughts on goals higher than yourself, so that you will grow and not wither away. It was Emerson who said, “We do not yet possess ourselves, and we know at the same time that we are much more” . The Romantic realizes that when comparing any man to another that “neither his age, nor his breeding, nor company, nor books, nor actions, nor talents, nor all together” can be used as to find which man is the one of a “higher spirit...

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