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High Stakes Negotiations Essay

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High Stakes Negotiations
The increase in enrollment requires the redrawing of the Miami school district boundaries. The redrawing of school boundaries require negotiation skills because the stakeholders have an aversion to the re-drawing of boundaries. First, the paper clearly identifies the stakeholder and concerns of redrawing the boundaries. Then, the paper reviews the strategy the Miami school district takes in negotiations with the stakeholders while addressing the boundaries. Finally, the paper reviews the ethics and culture affect the redrawing of the boarders.
The stakeholders showing concern over the boundaries are the parents, students, faculty, and staff. The stakeholders involved in the redrawing of the boundaries are concerned with the quality of education of the school. The changing of boundaries does not permit students to remain the same school district causing a concern for students and parents.
Parents and Homeowner
The parents concerns involve the quality of education and travel time between destinations. The redrawing of the lines can send students to schools that may not have a higher quality of education than the school they are currently attending. The homeowners and the parents in the district concerns also involve the restructuring of the boundaries affecting the value of the property. According to Crossland Real Estate, the changing of the boundaries will affect the property value. The changing of the boundaries may cause parents and homeowners in the area to view the value of the properties as lesser than the appraised value. Parents are willing to move to another location in an effort to have the best education for the children.
The students involved in the redrawing the boundaries will feel the greatest effects. Some students in the new districts will receive an education that they will value and take it further. Other students may receive an inferior quality in education. Students also face losing friends due to the redrawing of the line. Students may face a drop in grades. This drop in grade may lead to student dropping out. The drop in grades also can lead to parents removing the students from the school areas. Students within the walking district of the school run the risk of having to become students that may need to walk to school or be bused to the school. This may take additional time for the students to get to school.
Faculty and Staff
Faculty and Staff are also stakeholders in the redrawing of boundaries. The faculty and staff may find teaching in certain district and more of a risk than remaining within the original boundaries. The changing of the boundaries shows concern for the faculty and staff with the students that will be entering the school district. The different students in the area also require the faculty and staff to review the students’ previous education from another school. The studies of the students’ knowledge may lead to additional...

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