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A high-powered executive, that's what I'd like to be. I'd love to be a president, vice-president, C.E.O, or other high-ranking business professional. I enjoy making large sums of money and be in charge, and in this profession it would be no problem to do so. I like when people listen to me and in this profession they would have to. I have also realized how this profession will round me as an individual. I would love to follow in the footsteps of my mom, because I have seen how successful she has been by what she does. In my study of this profession, I have discovered the duties that come with this job, salary, and what it will take to become a high-ranking business professional.The duties of a high ranking business professional are difficult at times because you are in charge of basically everyone and they rely on your choices. You have to educate your employees and work with them as well as advancing your own knowledge, "the more you know the more your people will know" (Haulms interview). To be a successful leader you have to develop a team and work with each individual employee to highlight their specific skills. When a business is run as a team things work better and projects are completed quicker as there are more people working together towards a common goal. You always have to be on the lookout for opportunities that arise for your company to better itself and succeed. You have to be in contact with partnering businesses at all times to see if there is any opportunities to gain more trust or further you respect status with other companies. You also need to be conscious of your processes. All of your processes should be refined and no extra steps performed, to save time and money. Regular evaluations need to be performed to ensure maximum efficiency. As a high ranking executive you need to work with your employees and listen to their suggestions and work with them, because they know what will make them more efficient. This job is difficult to come by.The demand for this job is very high but the openings are very low. This job is available all across the world wherever business is conducted. The reason that this job is not very available is that it's a higher rank position and is usually only made available when someone retires because people don't generally quit when they get to this level, "when I got to Vice President, I felt so overjoyed, I don't want to stop until I make it all the way to the top" (Haulms interview). This job includes many co-workers depending upon where you work if you're in charge of a large corporation you'll have many co-workers, the smaller the company the less co-workers you have. In this line of work you're self directed, no one tells you what to do. You have to make your own decisions and for that you need proper training.Generally a college degree in business is required and most of the time you will see higher ranking executives have their masters in business. Most of your experience however comes from on the...

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