High Technology Swimwear Essay

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High Technology Swimwear
Product application:
How does a swimmer improve the speed in the water? The answer may be that do more practice. However with the development of the technology, there is one thing that has totally changed that mindset forever, that is the high-technology swimwear. The high-technology swimwear is designed and manufactured for swimmers to swim faster in high competitive swimming sports. Some studies showed that wearing high-technology swimsuit can reduce the drag up to 4% and even increase the speed by 3% to 7%.
The Fastskin is one of the most well-known swimsuits manufactured by the sports equipment company Speedo, with wearing this skin, Michael Phelps who is regarded as the greatest swimmer in history who won eight medals during 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At the same time, he also broke 7 world records and 1 Olympic record. From that on, the high technology swimsuit sparked a storm of breaking records in swimming competitions. There were more than 160 world records have been broken during 2008 and 2009.

Properties in this product:
When people are swimming, apart from the swimming technique of individual, there is another important factor affecting the speed, which is the drag of body. Therefore, the properties of the high technology swimwear are also designed based on how to reduce the drag.
First the high technology swimwear will fit swimmer’s body tightly, but still stretch comfortably because the tight fits can help swimmer to move easily and prevent the muscle from oscillating in the water. Unnecessary gesture and muscle oscillation will increase the drag in water. Hence it will save the energy for swimmer and reduce the drag.
Secondly, the surface of the swimwear mimicked from the structure of shark skin, this allow the water to pass swimmer’s body very efficiently. Therefore the swimwear is designed to be the body-skin, and most parts of the body will be covered by the swimwear in order to reduce the drag from water.
Thirdly, the swimwear is light and water resistant, because the swimwear is a load on the swimmer’s body. In order to reduce the load, the swimwear must be designed in light weight. Because of the normal fabric will absorb water and increase the load, which will result in speed deduction. The high technology swimwear is designed to be water resistant and fast-dry.
Material selected and its advantage:
The main material used in the high technology swimwear fabric is polymer consisting of nylon and spandex.
For nylon, it is a synthetic polymer including elements of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and the hydrogen.
One of the most important advantages for nylon is that nylon has a high strength to weight ratio, its strength is very high meanwhile the weight is very light.
Besides nylon fabric has very good elasticity that makes the swimmer feel comfortable. During the competition, the swimwear has to return its original shape or length quickly without the wrinkles when swimmer is in...

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