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Higher Accidents At Constuction Sites Means More Safety Practice

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The statistic of accidents at construction sites proofs that Malaysian construction industry is one of the critical sectors that need to take the site safety practices seriously. Accident is not a natural incidence. It happens because of unsafe acts, unsafe conditions or both. In general, accidents are a combination of contributing causes, unsafe acts and unsafe condition. The root causes of construction accidents is the main thing that need to be highlighted in order to improve the overall safety performance. That knowledge could be utilised to be more conducive working conditions and environments at construction sites. Therefore, a study has been conducted to identify the causes of accident at construction sites. This study was started out by reviewing literature from journals, books, newspaper, and web pages. Then reported accidents cases kept by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH) were examined to investigate causes of accidents. Surveys using questionnaire forms were carried out to obtain data from respondents who are mainly contractors and the rest are developers and consultants firms all around countries that are well versed with the construction safety. The finding of this study reveals that accidents are the result of many contributing factors, causes, and sub causes. Some of the critical factors are unsafe method, human element, unsafe equipment, job site conditions, management, and unique nature of the industry. The causes of accidents in Malaysia were found to be similar to that mentioned in literature review. However, some of the causes are low in frequency of occurrence. The main cause of construction accidents found are the workers ‘negligence, failure of workers to obey work procedures, work at high elevation, operating equipment without safety devices, poor site management, harsh work operation, low knowledge and skill level of workers, failure to use personal protective equipments and poor workers attitude about safety.

Problem Statement
In Malaysia construction industry, accident that causes injuries and death are relatively common. The statistic of accident in construction industry is shown by the numbers of accidents are increasing and it’s getting more serious than before. According to SOCSO report 2003, total of death cases of all the industry is around 822 cases and construction industry is stated that one of the highest death cases which around 95 cases, its equivalent to 11.56% of the overall industry death case reported. All parties in construction must follow and facing the construction site workers safety requirement as stated in Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994.Majority of the contractor especially sub contractor are unwilling to implement Occupational Safety and Health programme at the construction site. According to construction industrial accident statistic from DOSH and SOCSO indicate that the accident rate in Malaysian construction industry is consider quit high and it gives...

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