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Higher Education: A Worthwhile Investment Essay

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When you are waist deep in reading assignments, writing papers, and studying for tests you may ask yourself whether all the effort is going to pay off someday. It is a question that all college students have confronted. I know that I have asked myself that question many nights while stressing out about assignments. Yet I realize that making the decision to come to college is one of the best I could have made; it is an investment that will pay me back for a lifetime. College is more than just classes, homework, papers, and exams. It is a time of great opportunity and achievement- and a chance to learn about yourself and who you want to be. The choice to go to college offers opportunities and experiences that high school never could have; all of which help you to prepare for life in the real world. The pursuit of a college education has unmatched benefits including a better salary, more job opportunities, the benefit of society, a better quality of life, and an incredible chance to discover yourself. College is an unparalleled opportunity to explore your aspirations and stretch your own boundaries.First of all, the choice to go to college promises that you will have a greater salary than those who choose not to go. Over the past decade or more, there has been an increased demand for skilled labor in the U.S. because of technological advances (Hall 9). Higher education offers the training for these essential skills, which would be impossible to learn with just a high school education. Jobs that demand such knowledge offer more money and greater rewards, because of the skill required to perform them. Employees that possess a college degree make on average $31,000 more annually high school graduates (Bartell 2). Earnings make up just a part of the total compensation workers receive. Compensation may include fringe benefits or rewards such as heath care, retirement, vacations, and stock options (Hall 6). These benefits are rarely seen in the blue-collared field of work that high school promises. According to the Mony Group, the average college graduate is expected to earn more than $1,000,000 more over a lifetime than your average high school graduate does ("Importance").On the same note, a college education ensures better job opportunities. Receiving a college education teaches you skills that apply across careers. There are thousands of colleges with courses and activities that offer an educational experience that will open doors to a multitude of careers. The careers that are available with a college education involve responsibility, prestige, and higher incomes; these are all dependent on the self-management skills that are acquired from higher education. Self-management skills include knowing ways to manage time, resolve conflict, set goals, learn new skills, and control stress (Ellis 1). The years spent in college offer you a chance to develop these skills, which will ensure a great career. Having a college education also gives you an edge over...

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