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Higher Learning Film Analysis

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Higher Learning - Film Analysis

Exposition: The Establishing Shot of the film is a full screen
American Flag, the camera zooms out and points down, revealing a large
crowd of people in a rally, being very patriotic. As the camera zooms
off the flag we come across a statue of Columbus- indicating it to be
Columbus University. The speaker on the stage gives us another
indication of the setting by Shouting'Columbus University'. They are
in front of a stage with Band music playing and chants rising out.

Whilst this continues in the background three characters are
established: Remy, Kristen and Malik. Remy is amongst the crowd-
standing alone not joining in with the chant. Kristen walking along,
ignoring the songs and shouting, ignoring most of the things around
her- alone. Malik is established when he stops the doors from closing
and he enters the lift with Kristen her hand strays to her bag in
suspicion and Malik shakes his head. All characters tastes and
personalities are shown when they are in their rooms with music
playing and images of objects shown- Kristen has family photo's, Malik
has baseball artefacts and Remy has rock posters.

Development: The narrative follows part of these students' lives
during a year at college, they are in each other's lives whether they
know it or not. There are parallels drawn between them as the
narrative progresses: Peace V War, Aggression V Pacifism, sides are
taken and the racial lines are clear- stick to your own group like
glue. How they fit in with the rest of the college population, Malik
does this better than Remy and Kristen- he heads straight for the
black population. As Kristen try's to fit in with the prep girls and
Jocks, Billy is introduced and after a party he rapes her. As a result
we get a better view of Kristen's roommate Moonai-especially when
Billy call's and she ends up being called a black bitch. The black
group find out and beat Billy up- not because Kristen was raped but
because Moonai was called a 'Black Bitch'.

Through out this Remy wanders around the party trying to fit in-
acting like he belongs but being whole heartedly rejected by almost
everyone he speaks to, as the narrative evolves Remy develops a White
Supremacy Attitude. This attitude is related to the meeting with Scott
who introduces him to his friends who turn out to be Nazi wannabe's
and they take Remy in as one of their own- he finally belongs. The
build up to the climax begins, as Remy gets deeper and deeper into the
Nazi group.

Not long before the rape Kristen meets the girl from the women's group
who has a significant influence in Kristen's development and
experimentation. She talk's Kristen out of the shell she climbed into
after the rape.

The character Professor Phipps appears as their Politics lecturer, his
class and Professor Phipps...

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