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I'm Sodanie, age 13, 8th grade and I'm a loner so all I do all day is pretty much go on the internet and watch British Tv shows even though that's a downside, there's some quality things about me I finished the whole Harry Potter series in 2 weeks, I guess that's some sort of an accomplishment. Unlike other kids that think they're too cool for books, I actually enjoy reading, if there aren't other books around I'll read a textbook or even end up with a dictionary. I'm also in the process of learning the gutair but to be honest I suck at it. Another fun fact is that I attempted to learn multiple languages at some point of my life but failed, so now I know how to speak abit of Italian and Latin but not enough to start a conversation. Now, when it comes to education and school, I don't want to be conceeded since I'm not exactly a perfect student but I'm an A/B student which is enough to get by. Besides since I have nothing better to do after school and have no friends I usually spend my time doodling, figuring how to play the gutair, or writing short stories rather than going out shopping or something.
In this highschool what I wish to accomplish is to finish what I started and learn some more languages because I'm actually interested in world culture. I also wish to improve my skills in algebra because I genuinely fail at that subject. Something else I've been looking forward to was to find a new hobby maybe join some extra curricular after school activites or somthing (School events, student organizations etc). But I'm still always willing to learn new things as usual, I don't find having an education, boring, it's actually something to look forward to. Something else I'd love to accomplish is to figure out what my future carrer would be because even though I had nearly all my life to think about it I literally don't know what I want to be, I think that going to highschool would help me decide my carrer choices.
In highschool I can contribute my very unique imagination because I have an open mind and I could...

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