Highway Don't Care, By Tim Mc Graw

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Elizabeth is in her blue colored Honda Civic driving the highway on her way home from her workplace, listening to “Love Somebody” by Maroon 5 on the radio station. Out of nowhere, while Elizabeth was belting out the chorus, there is an ear-splitting and obnoxious sounding ding coming from the passenger seat. Her Android has a new text message and it is probably from her boyfriend, Adrian. Elizabeth reaches for the cell but it slips off of the seat and plummets onto the floorboard. She hurriedly glances up and gazes at the road, then dives down fast as lightning, or so she believes, and retrieves her Android. But she was not hasty enough and her car went off of the road and began rolling down a small hill and finally landed upside down in a ditch. She was helicoptered to a nearby hospital and was rushed into surgery. If only Elizabeth had been listening to the song, “Highway Don’t Care” by Tim McGraw and contemplating the lyrics to this ballad, then maybe she would not have been in the accident.
Tim McGraw’s “Highway Don’t Care” is an unorthodox approach to educating the public about the dangers of distracted driving as opposed to the traditional classes or public service announcements. The music video for Tim McGraw's song, “Highway Don't Care”, can persuade the public to protect themselves against the dangers of driving while otherwise being preoccupied, and is effective in doing so. Education and consciousness about distracted driving can help the public obtain protection against the dangers of driving while otherwise being preoccupied. Distracted driving encompasses any activity that could redirect a person’s attention away from the primary focus of driving (Distracted Driving). Any type of distraction while driving jeopardizes the safety of the driver, the passenger(s), as well as innocent bystanders. Distracted driving is not a type of multitasking but rather is driving blind (Distracted Driving). The detrimental habit of driving distracted is increasing each year and this issue needs to be addressed.
Recently, the country music superstar, Tim McGraw, released his music video for his new hit, "Highway Don't Care". This broadcast not only adds to the message of the lyrics of his song but also serves to be an unusual form of a public service announcement. This short film shows just how dangerous driving with cell phone distractions can be. Tim McGraw stated that his oldest daughter suggested the idea of including a crash and texting for his music video (CMT Radio, 2013). ”Highway Don't Care” is a powerful video that is graphic, dramatic and is extremely hard to watch without getting emotional. When revealing his choice to highlight the risks and consequences of texting and driving, McGraw stated that, “We didn’t set out to turn this into a public service announcement…” but considering what is at stake he emotionally stated, “I didn’t mind being preachy” (Wolff).This video explores the dangers of distractions while being behind the...

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