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Rochester and Antoinette are two characters that are both outsiders of their respective communities. Antoinette is excluded from both the white and black communities, and eventually it leads to her instability and uneasiness throughout the novel. While being excluded from the community isn’t dreadful enough, she suffers being called a “white cockroach” (23) and becoming an aberration through her own husband’s eyes, Rochester. Moreover, Rochester is ignored by his own family. His isolation stems from the letter he sends to his father, stating that “I will never be a disgrace to you or my dear brother the son you love” (70). His bitterness implies that his father favors his brother much more ...view middle of the document...

You are trying to make me someone else, calling me another name” (147). Rochester continues to call her by that name which proves Antoinette’s sense of enslavement, since she could not do anything about it. Thus, this name-calling not only shows how powerless Antoinette is towards a man, but also drives her to a state of confinement. She is like Rochester’s puppet, forced to do whatever Rochester pleases because she is afraid to stand up for herself. Her unwillingness reveals the theme of power and eventually madness at the end of the novel. When analyzing these themes, relationship abuse raises more awareness of the topic, whether it be the man abusing the woman or vice versa. Readers who have experienced these kinds of problems before will therefore be able to relate and connect to the text like Jean Rhys intended, making her novel that more important.
In addition, Antoinette seeks her own power over Rochester by depending on Christophine’s magic. With a chance to put Rochester under a “love spell,” she successfully seduces Rochester into having sex with her. Rochester becomes very ill from consuming the potion, and later finds out that Antoinette was responsible. Not only did her actions make Rochester more bitter towards her, but her actions lead to Rochester figuratively killing Antoinette. He covers her with a bed sheet, similarly to what a person would cover a corpse with. Rochester explains: Her actions reflects her non-existent mental strength and courage, in which also confirms her reluctance to overcome her difficulties in any situation. Antoinette’s “problems” are an excellent example of...

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