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In A Walk in the Woods our author, Bill Bryson, hikes through the deadly wilderness along the terribly long Appalachian Trail with his humorously witty companion Katz. Throughout the journey it becomes embarrassingly obvious that they will not be able to hike the entirety of the trail. The idea that they will not completely finish it begs the question; have Bryson and his faithful companion Katz actually hiked the Appalachian Trail? Katz gave his own account of whether or not they have hiked the trail when he states,” As far as I’m concerned, I hiked the Appalachian Trail. I hiked it in snow and I hiked it in heat. I hiked it in the South and I hiked in the North. I hiked it till my feet bled. I hiked the Appalachian Trail, Bryson.” (Bryson 271). Bryson and Katz have had both terrible and amazing experiences along the trail, thus it should be said that they have in fact hiked the Appalachian Trail.
Many would argue that they have not, in fact hiked the AT. The critics would argue that because they did not completely finish the trail they cannot say that they have hiked it. This is where we must define terms; what exactly is a hike? A hike by very definition is a long walk, and both Bryson and Katz have done plenty of walking along the Appalachian Trail. According to Bryson they have hiked about eight hundred and seventy miles along the trail, which is considerably less than half (Bryson 273). They may have finished less than half of the trail, but that is a colossal distance considering that Bryson and Katz walk farther every twenty minutes than the average American walks in a week (Bryson 128).
Bryson and Katz have also experienced a great deal of what the Appalachian Trail has to offer. They have hiked through some of the harshest weather, and they have hiked through some of the most beautiful scenery. Some of the scenery that they work so very hard to get to is often ruined by the harsh weather. For example, at the end of chapter seven Bryson and Katz have finally made it to the summit of Clingmans Dome, the...

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