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Hillary Rodham Clinton, born on October 26, 1946, is currently the 67th United States Secretary of State working under Barack Obamas presidency. Up until this year, she was the United States Senator for the state of New York, starting in 2001. Before becoming the Senator for New York, she served as the First Lady of the United States for 8 years, which came to an end in 2001 when her husband, Bill, had completed his second term as President. Hillary acted as the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2008 election, falling short to Barack Obama. Although Hillary didn’t succeed in her bid for presidency, she still managed to accomplish many things in the various highly respected positions she was granted the opportunity to be. Upon further reading, I will briefly touch upon, how she became the successful and influential politician she is today, how she wisely conducted the power she was granted, and how internationalism played a role in her career as a politician.
Raised in Illinois, Clinton grew up in a conservative, and United Methodist believing family. She was taught to love god with all ones heart, mind, soul and strength.1 At age 13, Hillary was already showing a keen interest in politics as she canvassed in the South Side of Chicago, where she paid close attention to the 1960 U.S. Presidential election. She was so intrigued that she volunteered in the next U.S. Presidential election, in 1964, to campaign for Barry Goldwater, a Republican. Hillary had graduated from Maine South High School, after being on Student Council, receiving many awards as a Brownie and Girl Scout, participating in the school newspaper, being selected for National Honor Society, being a National Merit finalist, all on top of maintaing her grades which put her in the top five percent of her graduating class.2 Once she had completed high school, her mother encouraged her to have an independent career, while her father was a strong believer in that Hillary’s abilities should not be perceived as any lesser than they truly were, just because of her gender.3 Upon enrolling at Wellesley College, a women’s liberal arts college in Massachusetts, she became president of the Young Republicans, although she soon stepped down from the position after she said her views had changed.4 She described herself in a letter to her youth minister as “a mind conservative and a heart liberal.”5 Hillary had a very creative way of thinking when it came changing politics, rather than taking radical actions against the political system, she thought of working for change within the system.6 Hillary was elected as the president of the Wellesley College Government Association where she put an end to students rebellion. All of these little accomplishments provided her with a greater knowledge of politics and what it like is to be such a highly respected authoritarian. All of this lead up to the first time she was given national attention which was in 1969 because she...

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