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Hillary Clinton Essay

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Hillary Clinton once said, "we must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society. She has stressed the importance of this quote by continuously trying to better the world. Clinton has taken part of many reforms, positions, and continues to promote equality for all. Throughout her life, she has helped with education, health care, and foreign affairs. Hillary Clinton was an influential woman in the twentieth and still is influential in this century. She has had obstacles in her life and career yet still continued to conquer whatever they may be. She has held many executive positions in her lifetime that have helped her gain experience and knowledge on politics and law. She has broken the stereotype of what a first lady is expected to be and what tasks they may have. Clinton has created a lasting impact to society and continues to expand her legacy on the world today.

Hillary Clinton was originally born under the name of Hillary Diane Rodham. She was born on October twenty-sixth in the year 1947. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Parkridge, Illinois by her parents, Dorothy and Hugh Rodham. She has two younger brothers by the names of Anthony and Hugh Jr. Rodham. Her parents were very important and influential to her while growing up. Clinton shared her father's interest in politics and her mother's motivation.

She began to become interested in the Republican party as a teenager. In 1964, she began to campaign for presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, who was a Conservative Republican. Clinton later became the president of the Young Republicans Club her first year at Wellesley College. She later continued to pursue her interest of political science by going to the Republican Convention Center and supporting Eugene McCarthy. Clinton listened and became a follower of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his teachings. Due to the outburst of riots after King's death, Clinton organized a peaceful strike at Wellesley. After the Vietnam war and listening to Martin Luther King Jr., Clinton changed her political views. Once she left the Republican party, Hillary Clinton then decided to become a Liberal Democrat instead. Her senior year at Wellesley College, she was elected Senior class President. Shortly after graduation, she attended Yale Law School in pursuit of becoming a Lawyer. To learn about medicine and children, she later enrolled to Yale Child Study Center. At Yale she met her future husband, Bill Clinton. She later married Bill Clinton and together they have one daughter by the name of Chelsea Clinton. Bill Clinton was later elected president in 1993, so Hillary became the first lady of the United States

As the first lady, many people were intimidated by Hillary Clinton. They were not expecting a first lady to be as involved and as knowledgeable in politics as she was. Before she became the first lady of the United States, she was first lady of Arkansas. Clinton continued to be a lawyer,...

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