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Hinderances To Spiritual Growth In The Church

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“Take up your cross, and follow Jesus” the powerful words of the hymn resound in the magnificent walls of a well re-known church in Nairobi's city center. Many of the faithful brethren eagerly bellow the words from the pits of their stomachs. However, how many of these have actually taken up their crosses and and followed Christ? Many believe that going to church every Sunday is enough. No one actually puts in time to read the Bible or pray for themselves. Yet for a relationship with God to grow, one has to put in effort. A case study could be the Daystar community. I was appalled when I went for one of the worship experiences and I found less than thirty students that had sacrificed and had gone before God in prayer. At a totally different function, one that completely has nothing to do with Christianity, the numbers suddenly rise to the hundreds. For a Christian community, this is a dangerous truth. The question is not only how to get them more involved, but also the church needs to find out why it has lost 'taste'.
Spiritual growth has nothing to do with the number of years one has been a Christian, our position in Christ, that is whether one has accepted Christ or not ,our knowledge of the Bible, or God's love because God cannot love one person more than he loves another.( MacArthur, 2014). According to MacArthur, spiritual growth is matching my position with my practice. He further explains that our actions should be a reflection of our relationship with God. The church is supposed to guide its members into a deeper realization of Christ in all his fullness. Church growth is not measured by the number of people that attend every service, or the number of branches that a given church has it is the content that matter after all, all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord. Sadly, the church in Kenya is yet to realize this as almost everyday an almost ordinary person receives the call to start a church. According to Ndegwa, a columnist with The Standard, Mr Amos Wako the Kenyan attorney general as of 2007 there were at least 60 applications for church registration every month not forgetting the 8,520 churches that are already registered and the 6,740 applications that are still pending. With such high numbers in 2007 alone, one wonders the numbers in existence today. At
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the end of the day, when it comes to growth, the numbers have nothing to do with the rate of growth of a person's spiritual life. Growth is a fundamental part of the Christian walk.
Church meetings have been turned into a forum to air out other people's dirty linen, through gossip. A lot of lies have been spread with every Christian guilty of adding a lie or two; all in the name of trying to spice up the conversation. What is said to someone in confidence will soon turn into the topic of discussion over a cup of tea; and its not that these holier-than-thou Christians will offer any solutions. Other people's struggles are seen...

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