Hindrances Of Filipinos In Communicating In English

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I.INTRODUCTIONWhy study communication? Those who do so will tell you that their work is driven by a need to know more about human interaction and the process of communication. Communication professionals develop skills for acquiring and using information throughout their professional lives. As students of communication, the researcher needs to be prepared to investigate and engage in academic and professional growth activities.A public speaking course helps you develop the key and communication skills (speaking well and listening intelligently) that are highly prized in business, technical and professional careers. You gain both confidence and experience as you practice those skills in an ideal environment, the classroom where your audience is friendly and supportive.The speech communication process consists of seven elements: speaker, listener, message, channel, feedback, interference and situation. Communication does not necessarily take place just because a speaker transmits a message, the message must be accurately received by the listener. When the speaker sends a message, he or she must make sure that the two components of a message which is verbal and non verbal don't contradict each other.Communicators often send and receive messages at the same time, creating a lively give and take of verbal and non verbal communication.Speakers should maintain high ethical standards, never distorting information, even for a good cause. They should respect their audiences and avoid taking a condescending or contemptuous attitude. They recognize the diversity to be found in today's audiences and reject stereotypes.Good communicators don't view a speech as an ordeal to be endured, but as an opportunity to enrich the lives of their listeners. For this reason, they take every speech seriously, even if the audience is small.BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYSome listeners don't listen well because they have a powerful emotional reaction to the topic or to some comment the speaker makes. Their strong emotions cut off intelligent listening for the rest of the speech. Instead of paying attention to the speaker's words, they argue with the...

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