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Hindu Vs. Ammerican Wedding Essay

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There are a lot of ways Hindu and American weddings are different, but there are also similarities but are their weddings alike or different to ours? In these two pages I will reflect on how the weddings are different.
In America most weddings take place in churches, but some people like to have theirs outdoors, the options vary from a beach to a ranch. During an American wedding ceremony all the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle, then comes along the flower girl(s) who throw flowers down as the bride makes her way down. The bride is accompanied by her father, or a father like figure. As she walks the ceremonial “Bridal Chorus” song or also known as, the “Wedding March” plays.
During the ceremony the bride and groom exchange vows which consist of promises that each will keep during their time together. They will exchange rings and either conclude the service with unity candles or unity sand, along with the wedding officiate, who pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss each other and walk down the aisle and out of the venue to a crowd of family and friends. Traditionally they throw bird food, blow bubbles, or ring bells.
A Hindu’s wedding can take play in a garden, farm barn or courthouse. For Hindu weddings either a Priest or Brahin will officiate a wedding. Their wedding starts when the curtain is removed and garlands of sandal wood chips are placed around the bride and groom. The bride applies sandal wood paste around her groom’s forehead after this is done the groom then places a red mark upon her forehead. They throw rice and butter into a fire, afterwards they take their seven steps around the fire pot. Hindu ceremonies can last up to ten days.
Wedding proposals are also different for Hindus and Americans, for Hindus their marriage is decided by their parents and friends. Picking mates can also be determined by horoscopes. For Indians, marriage is sacred to one another, divorce will make it harder to find a new mate. If divorced, the man must support their ex wife and children (if they have any).
Unlike Hindus, we pick our spouse individually but we still want our parents acceptance. Our dating is based on mutual attraction, like personality, looks and common interests. When proposing, the man must get down on one knee with a diamond ring. We usually date between one to three years before the engagement. Dating and marriage in...

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