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India has a very large population, and has numerous followers of many religions. The largest religion practiced in India, one of the largest religions world wide is Hindu. There are other religions present in India such as Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. (Fisher, 2005)The name Hinduism came from people living in the area of the Indus River and was introduced as a form of census taking. There are believed to be 330 million deities in India, as they believe the higher power is made up of many. (Fisher, 2005) We ask ourselves what makes up the Hindu religion, what cultural and societal influences have made Hinduism vital to the region where it originated, and to explain their desire for liberation from earthy existence. Hindus believe their faith is the way of life rather than a religion.There are dozens of sects within Hinduism, each loyal to a special god. There are many gurus (religious teachers) that are all over India, they are on the streets incessantly discussing the fine points of the Hindu religion. Hindu's believe in the Brahman an infinite eternal principle that had no beginning and has no end. (Fisher, 2005) Hindus believe in reincarnation, where when people die, they leave their body and come back in another form or body. Most Hindus worship the same way, at the same time and to one god the Brahman, even though they also believe that there are other gods people pray to. (Fisher, 2005) The ideals of Hindu living are purity, self-control, detachment, truth, non-violence, charity and the deepest compassion to all creatures. Hindus are very much into karma, they believe that the way people live their life will affect what people will be when they are reincarnated. For instance if people are greedy, they may come back as a pig.Society is divided by merits earned in past lives. The Hindus believe that certain people came directly from the mouth of Brahma, and these people have the gift of understanding. These would be the priestly caste. They feel that some were created from the breast of Brahma, these people were said to be full of strength and unconquerable. These became the Kshatriya's, they are thought to be warriors. Others were made from the...

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