Hinduism Vs. Judaism Essay

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"I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit." Kahlil Gibran

All religions are similar in a manner, appreciating life, doing good, respecting others..etc yet they still have their differences, the differences that gives it, its uniqueness. And the person practising it, his individuality.

Religion is defined as A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual being (Mifflin). It is known that many of our behaviours are determined by the presence of religion in one's life. Religion implants its principles in a person and their attitudes, personality, morals and ethics and alters it to a great extent. This essay aims to compare and contrast the basic principles Judaism and Hinduism and their religious rituals of marriage and death, also to studying how it may effect on one's personality.

Hinduism is one of the oldest and most ancient religions, it is the religion of more than four-fifths of the Indian subcontinent's population; there are about 650 million Hindus worldwide. And is ranked as the world's third largest religion. (Wangu,6)

Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, and followers believe and worship many gods. Shiva is the god of 'eroticism and sexual energy', Devi who is associated with fertility and earth, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, and the river Ganga is seen as a provider and worshiped (Waterstone, 78).However, their main god is called Brahman, they believe is the ultimate reality and world soul. Some of the important rituals, beliefs and traditions is puja, which is their daily worship usually takes place in a corner of a room; dharma, which is their religious duties towards family and society, samskara, rites of passage, and of course samsara, their belief in re-carnation and the reappearance of the soul in future generation and last, moksha, the final release from material existence. (Wangu,11). Hindus believe that all their actions and deeds will have some future effect-either this life or in the future. This idea is called the law of Karma. (Wangou,13) The Hindu social structure is divided into four sections, called the caste system. Particular castes have certain duties in the society, and their own set of beliefs regarding diet, contact, employment..etc. One must be responsible to upholding these duties. The family and society is clearly sacred to the Hindus and fulfilling these obligations is a religious duty (Wangu, 12).

On the other hand, Judaism is a monotheistic religion and it endorses the worship and belief of one sole deity, God. Jews speak Hebrew and their holy book is called the Torah. There are two main beliefs in Judaism, that the Sabbath is holy, and that you must follow the Ten Commandments. The Sabbath takes place from sunset on Friday sunset sunset on Saturday, it is basically a day of rest from work "Six days you shall do your work but on the seventh you shall rest"...

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