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Hip Hop And Politics: Attacking The Political Powers Of Government

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In the 90’s we associate rappers and politicians to be on completely different sides of the spectrum. No one could ever possibly see these two parties coming together. Until now, who would of thought President Barak Obama friends with American Gangster Shawn Carter or known by his stage name Jay-Z. Two complete different people with different occupations, backgrounds, acquaintances, and power actually hanging out and having laughs together. This was the beginning of “Change and Hope” (Murray Forman) Obama was looking for. But it took us a while though to make this transition.
Hip-hop was not the same back in the old days where it was just about freedom of speech, speaking against the man, and the white power. Rap was vulgar, explicit, and violent during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Public Enemy arose during this time, “1989 was indeed another year in a long struggle for equality for African Americans” and Public Enemy wanted to make a statement. They attacked the political powers of the government not through violence and weapons but through music and words. There hit song “Fight the Power” talked about racism and civil rights leaders. Public Enemy was not like the rappers today singing only about women, money, and drugs. Public Enemy focuses on the political aspects and emphasizing their black community. This was the start of the movement for Hip-hop and politics.
Hip-hop through out the years has been involving and become universal in everyday life. You will here presidents, senators, republicans, and democrats talk about their favorite rappers and songs they hear. The president was asked if he liked hip-hop music, he replied, “I’ve got to admit, lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Jay-Z. This new ‘American Gangster’ album is tight.” (O’Neal, Adam) While Senator of Florida Marco Rebio told GQ magazine that his favorite rap songs are “Straight Outta Compton’ by N.W.A., ‘Killuminati’ by Tupac, and ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem.” (O’Neal Adam) These respected Names in the Political world sharing some of their favorite songs that are inanely explicit. The song “Straight Outta Compton” talks about “Niggas with Attitude” and then the intro to song Ice Cube says, “When Something happens in Central Los Angels, Nothing happens its just another dead Nigga.” meaning behind the lyrics that violence and corruption is a normal thing that the system and political system ignores. This was the start of the “conscious rap” (Forman, Murray) to get the politics involved with the Hip-hop community and hear their cry for help.
The Hip-hop community has started to get involved politically and joining parties. Many rappers have been getting involved and invited to appear at the White House. In the early 90’s, N.W.A. rapper Eazy-E made a grateful donation of $2,490 to the Republican Party. Also making appearances to luncheons for President George H.W. Bush with 1,400 white republicans. Eazy-E had his spokesman tell everyone he is a “Bush Fan.” (O’Neal, Adam)...

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