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Hip Hop Culture In Los Angeles, California

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The term “Ethnomusicology” is defined as “the study of music in its cultural context.” Ethnomusicologists focus and study music in order to not only interpret its literal meaning but also to figure out its importance to its listeners and artists along with the way its purpose is communicated to its audience. . Ethnomusicology is highly versatile and multidisciplinary. People working in this sector could have solid foundations and basics of music ,dance, folklore and other different aspects related to music ,yet all ethnomusicologists share a meaningful and coherent foundation in approaches and methods followed.
My music culture will be covering the hip-hop culture here in Los Angeles. Hip-hop originated around the late 60’s and stormed the nation with its catchy beats and the ability to creates new dances with it. Although it is agreed that hip hop was given its name in New York, some say a culture that closely mirrored the East Coast hip-hop culture had emerged in the West, existing from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area during the same period. The culture is widely believed to have been a mutual creation which evolved from interaction between people who identified with elements from their respective coasts. Hip hop style was invented and presented because of the fame of block parties in New York which was highly needed by the public, to listen to music in order to relax their minds..
Through my research about this certain music culture I used many things to conduct my research. I first of all attended a concert performed by one of my classmate’s close friend Caleb Mak which was performed at the The Short Stop venue. After that later on I interviewed him by phone about different things related to his view of his music and to hip-hop in general.
The ideas about this culture is that there music is a source of entertainment because people can dance to the beat, but then some hip hop songs tell meaningful stories about the people who sing them. Whatever inspires an artist to sing about then that is what they lay down. For example Caleb Mak has a song called “hands up” which is considered a party song because though the song doesn’t really have a meaning it a great song to dance to and get excited about. When I attended his concert he performed this song and got very interactive with the audience even telling them to put their hands up in the air and start dancing with the beat. Then he has other songs that that have meaning to him like his song “Outerspace” which you can listen to at and in this song he is talking about one of his best friend Clarissa who passed away from an overdose at a hospital back in 2008. He dedicated the song to her and his passion about her is evident in the song. Usually this music culture can be played whenever people feel like.
This type of music can basically be found anywhere you can look it up on ITunes, or you can go to live concerts or you can probably hear it...

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