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Hip Hop Feud: East Coast Vs. West Coast

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OutlineI. Brief background of hip-hopOriginatedStory through hip-hopII. Rise of Hip-Hop in the mid 70sWorldwide spreadingFamous artist who paved the wayIII. Feuds in the late 70-mid 90sFrom dancing to speakingHow Hip-Hop Slang Beef became popularIV. East vs. WestBio on Biggie Smalls(East)Bio on Tupac Shakur(West)V. Other Examples of Media advantageRoxanneJay Z vs NasVI. Subject important to History of APMBig impact on Hip-Hop cultureMaterial usedBooksFilmsVII. ConclusionMy feelings towards this projectWhat made me decide this subjectHip-Hop Feud: East Coast vs. West CoastHip-hop is a variety of well-liked ethnicity that Happen in African American city areas such as NY or LA, illustrate by music, forms of art, and break dancing. The root of Hip-Hop come from DJs scratching on records to create a weird beat while an MC blow or rap alongside the beat. Many music makers such as Dr. Dre still follow these old methods, setting up an old soul track by Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder and generating a new song. Hip-hop was first known to the country and world through the formation of the Universal Zulu Nation. Its location is at the Bronx at the River Center. It had put together DJ'S, dancers, artists, MC's, and rap fanatic to party, given that a venue where they might put across themselves via the four introductory fundamentals. Past and present gang members and dealers would put away their arsenal and drug belongings for a time at Zulu Nation gathering and join the rapidly increasing Hip Hop population. Prepared with the slogan, "Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun" community began to express themselves and their tale in the course of hip-hop. Hip-hop was beginning to catch the awareness of the youth and start itself as energy for change.Hip- hop music was once driven by independence, a love for life, and a desire to have fun. Since it really started to take recognition in the mid 70's, hip-hop began to increase global, and its music urbanized into something much larger than anyone had ever anticipated. Hip-hop started in the streets of New York City, where it continue during the 80's and early 90's. Throughout the mid 90's, new artist such as MC Hammer, The D.O.C, Ice-T, and N.W.A developed from the west coast, shifting the game as the public knew it.The cause of numerous disagreements among various societies grew based upon the unconcern and unawareness of the people surrounding hip-hop. Coast to Coast, rivals involving different crowds began to take position. The representation of hip-hop and the communication that it once describes was now shifting, only to become bad. possibly the most well-known rap feud of current era is the early to mid-1990s rivalry between the East Coast's Bad Boy Records and the West Coast's Death Row Records, which was broadly deliberation of and detailed in the media as an East Coast vs West Coast heated discussion.Two prime example of beef that went down in history of hip-hop as one of the greatest beef ever was between the...

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