Hip Rotation Range Of Motion In People With And Without Low Back Pain Who Participate In Rotation Related Sports

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Introduction and background of the study:
The study aroused from the previous study on the hypothesis that limitation of the hip range of motion will have effect on the lumbopelvic by transferring the increase in forces. Limitation of the movement in the hip will stress the structures on the lumbopelvic region by an abnormal biomechanics that damages the structure and produce pain in the low back in rotational sports.
Previous studies of hip rotation and LBP, the measurement of interest has been either active or passive end range hip rotation with and without low back pain. The results from the reports shows active hip rotation motion and low back pain mixed. In past research work authors found that women with low back pain had limitation of active hip lateral rotation than women without low back ache. Research on passive hip rotation motion and LBP reported no differences in passive range of hip rotation motion between the groups with and without low back ache. Studies about passive hip rotation motion in people with low back pain in which, hip lateral rotation was greater than the medial rotation on the side that was associated with the symptoms of low back pain. All this studies suggest a relationship between hip rotational mobility and low back pain.
Potential reason for the equivocal findings could be because prior research did not take into consideration a person's need for full hip rotation motion during regularly performed activities. It is possible that a limitation in hip mobility may contribute to a person's low back pain problem only if the person repeatedly performs activities that require full range of a particular direction of hip and trunk motion.
The purpose of this study was to examine people regularly participated in a recreation-level, rotation-related sport, whether people with low back pain have less total passive hip rotation and more asymmetry of hip rotation motion than people without a history of LBP.
Hypothesis states:
Hypothesis examined is that people with low back pain have less total hip rotation more asymmetry of movement than the people without low back pain.
Design of the study:
Case control study with participants of 48 in each group.35 male and 13 female. The sample size was small Increasing the sample size will show a significant result. More number of males than the females, samples could have been equal as the hypothesis to be tested is not based on the gender. An inclusion criteria participant with chronic low back pain period of 12 months and recurrent pain period of 12 month was included and participant with the acute pain was excluded. Acute pain will produce pain and limitation of the movement. To examine the characteristic of the movement is good instead of analysing the movement in severity of pain.
Participants included in rotational sports activity that and regular in sports. Rotational sports are...

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