Hiram Ulysses Grant : Sloppy Drunk Or Honorable Icon?

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Hiram Ulysses Grant was born on April 27, 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio.
Ulysses grew up loving horses. He loved riding, and taking care of them. His father
Jesse Root Grant was a tanner and made a good living for his family. His mother Hannah
Simpson Grant was said to be a mysterious and distant woman who didn't offer much
Support or affection to young Ulysses. Nonetheless his parents had very high
Expectations of him. His father wanted him to attend school and become a successful

Ulysses Grant arrived at West Point on May 29, 1839 as a 17 year old youth who
had been coerced by his father into attending the Academy. Ulysses seemed to have a
love/hate relationship with his association to West Point. He wrote a letter to his cousin back home in Ohio describing his feelings about the academy. "I was just thinking that you would be right glad to hear from one of your relations who is so far away as I am so, I have put asaid my Algebra and French and am going to tell you a long story about this prettiest of, places West Point. So far as it regards natural attractions it is decidedly the
most beautiful place that I have ever seen; here are hills and dales, rocks and river; all pleasant to look upon...I will tell you about a few of the drawbacks. First, I slept for two
very easy. But I tell you what coz, it is tremendeus hard. Suppose you try it by way of experiment for a night or two." Ulysses overcame his hardships at the academy and graduated in 1843, 21st in a class of 39 cadets.

A few years later Ulysses was called to the battle of Palo Alto in May, 1846 as a second lieutenant. The War Mexico was a short one and Ulysses was ready to take a big step in his life. Julia Boggs Dent won his heart and they were married on August 22, 1848, in St. Louis, Missouri. As a young Lieutenant, Ulysses S. Grant was stationed in Detroit for a brief period in 1849, and then for a year in 1850-51. A short time later Grant became a general in the Civil War for the Union Army.

Ulysses Grant's career did not stop with the end of the Civil War. He soon found himself the president of the most powerful...

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