Hiring And Employee Development: The Fleishman Job Analysis System

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Organizational Structure
Significance of Hiring and Employee Development
It is vital that organizations hire employees that will support their goals to meet their mission and vision statement objectives. In order to hire the “right” people for the job; an organization must properly define what exactly the organization needs the employee to provide or produce to meet the company’s goals and objectives. This done in today’s workplace through job analysis. A job analysis is s systematic study of a job to identify its major components (Werner & DeSimone, 2012, P. 119). The analysis needs to capture what is required to complete the tasks of the job, what basic knowledge and physical abilities required to complete the job tasks successfully, and what are the working conditions of the position.
One of the most significant elements of a job analysis is determining what knowledge, skills and abilities an employee must have to become a successful employee. This information is essential for the selecting officials and the perspective candidates to understand. Mandating specific knowledge for a position sets the organization and the employee up for success. If a candidate does not have the basic knowledge for the job, both the organization and the employee quickly become disgruntled and frustrated. Having the knowledge requirements assists organizations in avoiding the poor work environment and having to deal with uncomfortable discussions with workers that do not have the knowledge to be successful in the position.
Training supports the second significant element of a job analysis, skills. Skills are the levels of proficiencies that are needed to perform various tasks of a job. Technology is rapidly changing; therefore, it is important that companies support their employees in becoming more proficient in the position by providing them training in technology as it affects their job requirements. Training is a planned effort to enable the workers to learn their job-related knowledge, skills, and behaviors (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2014). A good training program supports workers and organizations to be more successful. Workers that are more successful in a task they are more apt to accept the new process or technology.
Abilities are the third significant element in job analysis. Abilities are the capabilities an employee has that are necessary to perform the job. Abilities can be physical or mental attributes. There can be physical capacities in a job that requires employees to lift a certain amount of weight, to have ability to see things, such as warning lights, or the ability to hear warning signals. Mental capabilities would be able to read or calculate mathematical solutions, or to read architectural, electrical, or mechanical drawings. Each position would have its own specific requirements. If a job analysis is thorough it makes the selection, training, performance appraisal, human resource planning, job evaluation processes...

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