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Hiring Based Solely On Image Essay

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All business have the right to run it how one chooses. The main objective businesses have is to make the most profit in the most efficient time. For the most part, it starts with the employees. Most stores and companies select people who project a specific image to give the store an advantage by enticing customers. It is a strategic option to increase revenue and from the looks of it, for most stores it works. The reason for hiring people based on image is purely because of money. For example, Apple most likely does not care about the employees appearance, as long as the person is knowledgeable on the merchandise but at Hooters, the employees must be females and have certain attributes ...view middle of the document...

The owner of the business is allowed to do whatever one believes is best for the corporation as long as no company policies or rules are broken. The job of the manager and owner is to keep the business running efficiently and keep the money flowing in. Through the process, some people may be inadvertently discriminated against, however, if it is best for the store and shop then one cannot complain. For example, a store that sells sports merchandise most likely requires the employees to be physically fit, and if the hiring manager had a choice between two applicants that were both knowledgeable on the store yet one was not in shape, the one in shape would be hired. This intelligent process can be considered unfair but it makes sense. A survey to see what was the most important tool needed to be hired somewhere was taken by several hundreds of people and some store representatives and as expected experience was number one. What took second was one’s appearance, and it may be difficult to grasp but it is the logical truth.
All businesses’ have a main priority and purpose. There is no other reason businesses have to sell merchandise other than money. Managers and owners must analyze every move made to make be the most efficient business possible. Cohen states, “Retailers defend the approach to hiring based on image as necessary and smart, and industry experts see the point.” All...

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