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Hiroshima, A Difficult But Just Decision.

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Hiroshima: A Difficult but Just DecisionBy the end of WWII, it is estimated that 292,131 American soldiers lost their lives - it could've been worse; much worse. It is also estimated that one million Americans and over 250,000 British soldiers would've died had we not dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima. Why? Well, because the Japanese had a 5 million-man army, and were under no circumstances going to surrender. Japanese did not surrender - it was considered cowardly, according to the Code of Bushido, and therefore one must die before surrendering. If you don't believe me, just look at the numerous Kamikazes that refused to surrender. Since they wouldn't surrender, we were left with two options: to drop the A-bomb, or to fight a land war of thousands of American soldiers versus thousands of Japanese soldiers, which would've been suicide for both sides! But we, unlike the Japanese, don't follow the Code of Bushido, so that option is out. But the big question is " Was it morally right to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?" I believe that the United States did have sufficient moral reasons for dropping the bomb, yet it is a tough call.Abraham Lincoln had said that he believed that the North's cause was good, and supported Sherman's notion of "total war", in which one must crush his enemy until the people lose the will to keep on fighting. Just like Lincoln, Truman believed our cause was just, and he supported total war as well. Some say Truman's act was especially controversial because of the number of "innocent" civilians that were killed in the bombing, and therefore he should have chosen a different site to be targeted. This depends on how you define innocent: these civilians (by their own will or not) were making bombs and other various weapons for the Japanese military in their very own homes! Air Force General Curtis Lemay remarked, " We were going after military targets. No point in slaughtering innocent civilians... All you had to do was visit one of those targets after we'd roasted it, and see the ruins of a multitude of tiny houses, with a drill press sticking up through the wreckage of every home. The entire population got into the act and worked to make those airplanes or munitions of, women, children. We knew we were going to kill a lot of women and kids when we burned [a] town. Had to be done." It seems horrible, yet it is very similar to the Vietnam War, when American soldiers remarked that children would run at them strapped with grenades, and they didn't know whether to shoot the children, or die with them and many others. We are not the villain here my friends, the twisted government leaders of these countries are; the ones that tie grenades to children or force women and children to make weapons of war.Another reason I believe the United States was just in dropping the bomb, is because we gave them a chance - in the Potsdam Proclamation, in which the allied powers got together and demanded "unconditional surrender" from Japan,...

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