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Hiroshima And Nagasaki Atomic Bombings Essay

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Only three atomic bombs have been dropped in history. Little boy, was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Fat man was dropped on Japan's capital, Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. And finally, Trinity was the code name for a test bomb which was a replica of Fat man. It was dropped on July 16, 1945 in New Mexico. A fourth bomb, named thin man, was proposed and scientists worked on it until it was aborted. These bombs were all used for war purposes in World War two.
The code name for the making of these bombs was the Manhattan Project. It started formally in 1942. The US led it but was supported by the United Kingdom and Canada. US president Franklin Roosevelt approved of ...view middle of the document...

Japan was the last nation to surrender.
People also debate whether or not any bomb was necessary. It’s been suggested that the US had decoded Japan’s messages and knew of Japans impending surrender before the bombings. It’s also been suggested that the US just wanted to be feared and intimidating by its enemies, thus the most destructive weapon in history. President Harry Truman also wanted to intimidate the USSR and that could be a cause of the bombs. Other people argue that if the bombs hadn’t been dropped, the war would’ve continued on and taken even more lives than the bombings had. While these factors all contribute to the bombings, the true motivation is not known.
In 1946, a survey was conducted by the Manhattan Engineer District which concluded the number of deaths for both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Before August 6, Hiroshima had a population of 255,000. At least 45,000 of those were killed the day of the bombing and 19,000 were dead by the next four months. Not as many people were killed in Nagasaki, only 42,000, but almost 50,000 were injured. The radiation from the bombs had after affects that continued to harm the people of Japan for decades to come.
The radiation in the bombs caused cancers such as leukemia and birth defects even today. Other effects include burns, trauma, disfiguration, keloids, sterility, blood abnormalities, psychosomatic disorders and more. The more weeks that passed, the more severe the effects were. Chromosome changes were present due to the radiation. Within a kilometer of the places the bombs dropped, the land was practically unlivable.
After Fat man had dropped, nearly 40 percent of Nagasaki had been destroyed. Transportation had become an issue, as all cars and public transportation didn’t work anymore. Walking was the necessary way of conveying. After buildings had fallen, it was impossible to walk through. The city was unrecognizable to the survivors. This made it difficult for the people to even know where they were.
Other important buildings such as schools, homes, and churches were destroyed. Some disappeared as aftermath. Crops had also been ravaged. Many people were farmers, so they couldn’t work. It seemed as if the only thing to do was to build the city back up again. But how could they do this without supplies?
Since transportation was impractical, supplies couldn’t be delivered. Not medical or construction. Hospitals were crushed, so people who needed medical attention couldn’t get it. Food was also an issue. People starved. Some had been crushed under the collapsing buildings.
Most people had been somewhat injured, and couldn’t help to reconstruct the cities. 90 percent of all medical personnel were injured or dead. Many survivors were young children who couldn’t help. Technology wasn’t nearly as advanced the as it is now. That means that a lot of people didn’t even know about the devastation.
A survivor said, “The atom bomb was the last thing that happened in the war and no more bad things...

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