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Hiroshima Bomb Essay

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Around the world today there is always a horrible and horrific event taking place, killing many people. Hiroshima was one of these events that resulted in the killings of millions in Japan. John Hersey’s Hiroshima is based off of this historical event, and follows the struggles and sufferings of six people distubed by this event. Hiroshima is a great nonfiction novel written in order to help readers undertand the suffering people went through after the bomb.
The bomb was dropped in Hiroshima in 1945 killing over one hundred thousand innocent people. In the novel, readers are easily able to see how after the bomb dropped, people who effected not only in the present but also the future. Humans are always forced daily to deal with positons that they do not want to be in. In the world today, horrible situations are taking place that are damaging and putting people in pain. Human suffering is important to discuss because it will always be an on going event unless we have world peace. Authors also find human agony a very imporant thing to write about. This is because there is always so much going on in the world, but many others do not know about it. Around the globe are events that are hurting poor inoccent citizens. One of the greatest novels that helps readers understand the imporance of the bomb being dropped on human suffering is Hiroshima.
Throughout the novel, Hersey shows the problems that six specific humans are going through after the bomb is dropped. “By the light of a lanturn, he has examined himself and found: multiple abrasions, and lacerations of face and body, including deep cuts on the chin, back, and legs; extensive contutions on chest and trunk; a couple of ribs possibly fractured” (Hersey 46). In this passage, Hersey is able to show how the dropping of the bomb just effected this one person. He uses very detailed and specific examples of the exact parts of the body that were damaged. Hersey also uses simple language that is easily realted to normal humans reading this book. The language is very life like, and this makes it easier for the reader to relate to the story and understand how these people were affected. Within this passaege it shows how horrible some...

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