Hiroshima: Character Analysis, Plot Summary, General Analysis, And Alternate Ending

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CharactersReverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto A Methodist pastor residing in Hiroshima, Rev. Tanimoto nurses the dying victims after the attack. Later, he becomes a peace activist and tours America.Dr. Masakazu Fujii A doctor in Hiroshima, Dr. Fujii's office falls into the Kyo River after the bomb was dropped. Ironically, he is unable to help others for he is wounded as well; a useless doctor who later contracts a strange illness.Toshiko Sasaki Miss Sasaki is a young clerk at a tin works factory. In the explosion, debris showers on her and she is trapped under a bookcase and receives no medical attention. She survives, yet crippled, and becomes a nun with her sister, Dominique.Father Wilhelm Kleinsgore Father Kleinsgore, a Jesuit priest, comforts the wounded and their families after the explosion, but falls ill with radiation poisoning. He assists Miss Sasaki and becomes a Japanese citizen under the name Father Makoto Takakura.Dr. Terufumi Sasaki Dr. Sasaki, a young surgeon at the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroshima operates on many victims of the bomb. One of his patients is Miss Sasaki. After the conflict, he studies radiation poisoning and the side effects of the bomb.Hatsuyo Nakamura The widow of a tailor, Mrs. Nakamura barely escapes the explosion that claimed her house, but along with her three children, falls victim to the radiation poisoning. After the trouble dies down, she has a difficult time finding a job and a home.Plot Synopsis The Allies, the Americans specifically, decimated Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. American B-29's dropped the atom bomb on the city killing 100 thousand and wounding 100 thousand more of a population of 250 thousand. Six people, Reverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto, Dr. Masakazu Fujii, Toshiko Sasaki, Father Wilhelm Kleinsgore, Dr. Terufumi Sasaki, and Hatsuyo Nakamura, are not killed in the explosion, but their lives are dramatically affected. This novel examines their lives at the time of the explosion and forty years after. Tanimoto and Kleinsgore are not injured by the explosion. As fires rage in the streets of Hiroshima, they aid the fallen and direct them to a local park. The two men are unable to provide any medical help, but they bring water to the wounded and try to keep them safe from the fires, whirlwinds, and the rising tide of the nearby river. Tanimoto and Kleinsgore aid one such victim named Hatsuyo Nakamura and her children. Nakamura and her three children live at the edge of a "comfortable living." Her husband died several years ago, and this widow must provide for her family. The only means of work she can find are being a tailor herself using her late husband's tools. She makes just enough to support her family, but their house is devastated by the atomic bomb. Over half the doctors in Hiroshima were killed by the blast, but Dr. Fujii was only injured. Resting on his balcony atop his medical clinic, the bomb stuck about a mile away. The blast...

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