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His Eaasy Talk About The Article "How Boys Become Men," By Jon Katz. I Agree Boys Are Forced To Hide Their Emotions And Men Will Act The Same Way As Women If We Treat Them The Same.

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In the article "How Boys Become Men," Jon Katz gives us some examples to explain why men grow up to be insensitive. Katz points out that boy are supposed to learn how to handle things by themselves and hide their weakness and tears. Boys always pressured to be tough and not allowed showing any emotions and fears. Boys' growing up experiences has prepared their adulthoods, all the attitudes and behaviors. I agree with Katz that boys learn from other boys. However, I believe the most important idea of how boys become men is how adults treat and teach boys different from girls. In addition, boys are hearing messages that they need to be strong and tough from adults even though they are just babies. This might be the main problem that causes men to be insensitive or do not know how to express their own feeling.Even though I do not have any experiences of how boys become men because I am not a man, I still know that adults treat boys and girls differently since they are born. For example, if a baby girl dress in pink, people usually says "What a pretty girl" and then hold them very gently. If baby boys dress in blue, they will say "What a strong little boy". Instead of holding them gently, people usually hold a baby boy roughly and move him around. People will still say "What a pretty girl" if the baby boy was dressed in pink. I remember asking one of my four years cousin why he does not pink. We all laugh after he answered with "boys don't wear pink, only girls wear pink and dress."Dress differently did not affect boys to become men, but the ways that adults treat boys and girls affected the boys to be rough and girls to be gentle. I still remember I was only allowed to play with dolls and fake cooking materials. I wished to play with all those robots, cars, guns that my younger brother had. Boys are into all those fighting characters like superman, x-men, etc, while girls are forced to be interesting in Barbies and dollhouses. Boys will start fighting each other if they get into arguments. Instead of fighting, girl will find someone else to play with.Adults are giving boys the messages that they need to be strong and...

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