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As he walked past me, I glanced up at him timidly. It’s hard to look into his eyes. Quickly I shifted my gaze to the floor, not wanting to make eye contact. It wasn't always this awkward between us, but something had changed. We just were not the brothers that we used to be.He stood there next to his trashy blonde girlfriend in the hallway at the entrance of his bedroom door. He had jumbled, greasy hair at six foot five, with a skinny twig shaped body. His clothes were always dirty and smelled like a pigsty. He always had blood shot eyes and pimples were scattered across his long defined face. When he saw me, he turned his head and said in his deep, sharp voice, “Don’t even think about coming into my room you little bitch.”These were the words that he chose to identify me with. It never used to be this way though. When we were younger we were best of friends. We would go out and play football with all the other neighborhood kids and I would always be on my big brother’s team. He would make sure I scored a touchdown every time because he knew it made me happy. He would then run over to me, giving a whopping high five with his rough muscular hands.When I was in middle school he would always protect me from any bullies that came in my perimeter. He was a very clean looking boy in those days, and if you saw him walking down the street you would be blinded by his gleaming spiky hair from his endless supply of hair product and his flashy expensive stud earrings. He was very muscular from his nightly workout routine and wore the designer clothes that all the cool kids had to wear. He had blue eyes that called out to the ladies. I would not have been surprised to see his picture in a magazine. I was proud to call him my brother.In a blink of an eye everything he was to me had changed. He wasn’t the cool big brother that I loved to talk about and adore. He started to hang out with a new click of kids; the big bad “I’ll kick your ass if you come near me” kind of group. They would influence his diminutive brain to make some immensely stupid decisions. He would come home late on week nights, sometimes not coming home at all on the weekends. I distinctively remember him coming home late and I would ask him where he had been. As he walked by me I would be consumed in a cloud of marijuana and beer odor. Then he would turn, staring into my soul with his beating blood shot eyes and say, “Shut up little bitch.”We were always fighting over every little thing. He would pick a fight with me over who got to use the bathroom first on the mornings that he decided to take a shower. Then my brother would use up all the hot water just to make me mad so I would receive a blistering cold wash. Sometimes my brother would call me early in the morning when I was asleep in my warm comfortable bed to come pick him up from a party. I always did because he threatened to bust my face and gag me unconsciously, but I hated to do...

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