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Hispanic Family Structured In Usa Essay

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A family is usually a group of people that are related to each other by blood, marriage and ancestry. A family can also be an adoption meaning that someone was brought into another family. There are many ethnic groups when it comes to families in America like African, White, Asian and Native American families. However, one ethnic group that is interesting is the Hispanic American family. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 10.4 million Hispanic family households live in the United States. Also there are 50.5 million Hispanics that live in the United States today and the Hispanic population is made up of 16.3%. The 2010 census also confirms that 63% of Hispanic families in America consist of a married couple. Family is a good thing to value, but their many factors that affect families today. Some factors that has affected Hispanic families are female-headed households, gay and lesbian relationships, and ethnicity and social class.
Female-headed households are common in the Hispanic American family. Recent facts have shown that one in four Hispanics children live in a single parent home. Also facts have shown that 26% of the children’s mothers are the head of their homes. Females that are head of Hispanic families find it hard to make ends meet at times. They often end up on welfare and other government programs to get through the rough times. Percentages of women in female-headed households vary for different races and ethnic groups in American families in general. For instance, states like California, Texas and New Jersey percentage of White female-headed families are lower than 20%. However, the percentage of Hispanic female-headed households that live in California, Texas, and New Jersey are higher than 20%. This really proves how female-headed households affect Hispanics families in the United States.
Gay and Lesbian relationships affects Hispanic families in America. The U.S. Census data on same sex households states that families like Latinos/Hispanics same-sex relationships are in current debates. Latinos/Hispanics lesbians’ couples are at debate because they are more likely to raise children than White same-sex partners. This factor affects Hispanic families because most Hispanics earn less and are not able to support their children. Some Hispanics cannot afford to buy houses for their children to live in, so this pushes them to rent houses. Many debaters think that Hispanic gay and lesbian families will benefit from marriage equality. Marriage equality allows gay and lesbian people to have the same rights that married heterosexuals have. Marriage equality will affect Hispanics same-sex families in a good way because it enables them to get health insurance, save money for a house, and save money for their children’s education.
Ethnicity and social class affects the structure of Hispanic families in the U.S. Ethnicity is a heated topic for most Hispanics because they are called by various names. The government and the media have...

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