Hispanics In The Prison System Essay

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Lopez 1Saul LopezDr. TamayoCHS 113A10 December 2013Hispanic males in the prison systemWhile researching about Hispanic males in the prison system, I found overwhelming evidence that predominately Hispanics and blacks overpopulate the prison system. The current prison system needs to address the situation of the immense Hispanic male population in prisons. So the question that I propose to you is; why are there so many Hispanics in prison cells? This is such a controversial topic that needs to be on people minds.Before researching about this topic, I had yet to know about the real issues behind the prison system against Hispanics. Overpopulation by Hispanics and blacks in the prison system has been a growing concern in our society. So why is it that so many Hispanic males are in the prison system? In the article "More Hispanics, blacks in prison" by The Brattleboro Reformer, Gary Orfiied argues, "The criminal economy is one of the only alternatives in some inner cities."(1) Orfield is critical of the economy that we are in and he believes that this is the cause for the overpopulation of Hispanic males in prison.After researching more about Hispanic males in the prison system, I found out that many Hispanic males go to prison because of drug offenses. For example many Hispanics have been victim in the struggle to find jobs. When they are faced with unemployment many have turned to crime to support their family, such as drug dealing and stealing. Drug dealing especially because it is easy and fast money to many people that do that. Also getting caught doing drugs is another reason for these large amounts of numbers of Hispanics in prison. As well as being racially profiled especially in the south west of the country. Therefor there are more Hispanics in prison.Another factor is the masculinity of Hispanic males. In these inner cities specifically in these Hispanic communities, being a Hispanic male comes with having to comply this masculinity that is expected from them. And these masculinity levels can sometimes lead to crime. And when crimes are committed the end result is incarceration.As the prisons become more and more populated, many issues have to be addressed. The Brattleboro Reformer in "More Hispanics, blacks in prisons" states, "blacks and Hispanics are more likely to live in prison cells than in college dorms." The sad truth of this statement is really disappointing to find out. I also found it interesting that in another article called "Prison Break" by Terry Carter, argues that "The U.S, which puts a greater percentage of its citizens behind bars than do China, Russia, Iran and others considered draconian when it comes to criminal justice, might even lose its perch as the worlds leaders at incarceration."(1) The author also talks about how the U.S not only incarcerates the most citizens but also keeps the most inmates in prison for long period of times. This is why there is so many Hispanic male inmates are stuck in the prison...

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