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Map PresentationIntroductionTeam A has chosen to map the sequence of Confederate States as they returned to the Union. The paper goes on to explain the major points of resistance each of the returning states had to overcome to regain statehood status within the United States.North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, KentuckyNorth Carolina had a long history of slavery and seceded from the union on May 20, 1861. Many North Carolinians, especially yeoman farmers who owned few or no slaves, were not supportive of the Confederacy. Draft-dodging, desertion, and tax evasion were common during the Civil War years (History of North Carolina, 2008). During the civil war, North Carolina suffered heavily from union naval blockades that plugged up all southern ports. North Carolina was finally readmitted to the union on July 4th 1868. North Carolina was required to ratify a new state constitution that It included provisions to establish public education, prohibit slavery, and adopt universal suffrage. It also provided for orphanages, public charities and a penitentiary. The legislature also ratified the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (History of North Carolina, 2008). North Carolina received its main form of resistance from the Ku Klux Klan. When the governor of North Carolina used his civil powers to try to combat the Ku Klux Klan, he was impeached and removed from office (History of North Carolina, 2008). White Democrats eventually gained control of the states again and tried to re-establish white supremacy.Tennessee was the battlefield for a large portion of the Civil War, and was the last state to withdraw from the Union and the first state to be re-admitted on July 24th 1866 (History of Tennessee, 2008). After the war, Tennessee adopted a constitutional amendment forbidding property in men February 22, 1865 and ratified the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. It did not have a military governor during reconstruction (History of Tennessee, 2008). Many citizens did not accept the outcome of the civil war, and in the 1970s many whites worked to regain power. They used paramilitary groups to terrorize blacks and their allies and suppress voting (History of Tennessee, 2008). The white, elite-dominated legislature thus had the power to add more Jim Crow laws and establish state segregation with provisions that would last until the mid-20th century (History of Tennessee, 2008).Missouri in the Civil War was a border state that sent men, generals, and supplies to both opposing sides, had its star on both flags, had state governments representing each side, and endured a neighbor-against-neighbor intrastate war within the larger national war (Missouri in the civil war, 2008). By the time the civil war was over, Missouri had sent 110,000 troops to the union and only 40,000 to the confederacy. Since Missouri never technically left the union, it was spared a lot of the bad parts of reconstruction. Democrats returned to power in 1873 and...

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