Hist 1301 Exam 1 Study Guide

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Essay Questions:
2 of the following will be on the exam. You will write on ONE topic. 40 points.

1. Explain the various factors of the European Renaissance that prompted and promoted the exploration and settlement of the New World.

2. Compare the settlements of Virginia and Massachusetts in regard to their founding religion, form of government, and landholding patterns. It is noted that settlers to New England had a greater life expectancy than those to colonies south of the Chesapeake Bay. Why?

3. In what ways did the French and Indian War pave the way for the Revolution?

Identifications (including who, what, when, where, and significance)
3 of the following will be on the exam, you will write on all three. 10 points each.

Three Theories of Migration Common Sense
Bacon’s Rebellion Battle of Saratoga
Jean Ribault and Fort Caroline Mercantilism
Great Awakening Olive Branch Petition
Coercive Acts

Multiple Choice – Be familiar enough with these topics to answer multiple choice questions...

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