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Hist101 01: Essay #1 An Analysis Of “Documents” In The Founding Of Australia

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An Analysis of "Documents" in The Founding of AustraliaInstructions for a convict colony at Botany Bay presumed it would be both a jail and free. Within this settlement, the Government hoped to instill a notion of brotherhood, by which the settlers-convicts and government officials included-would work together to support each other's preservation, simultaneous with conditions of dictatorial benevolence, a product of the Enlightenment sentiment prevalent in eighteenth century Europe. With these principles in mind, the Government aimed to produce distinctive relations between the settlers and the state, all the while, perpetuating traditional mercantilist goals for the promotion of the British common wealth and welfare. [-1: The "Documents" in The Founding of Australia referred to the British government system in form of proper noun: "Government". For the sake of consistency, I will refer to it as that.][0: Patricia O'Brien, "The Early Colony," Lecture delivered in HIST101-01 Australia and the Asia Pacific, Georgetown University, September 17, 2013. ]In reading the Documents from The Founding of Australia, British motivations for colonial expansion in Australia become more lucid. The founding of this Pacific landmass was purposed for the reinstallation, fortification, and security of British hegemony within the growing global landscape of the time. Although city planning with respect to the dilemma of overcrowding was at the top issue for the Government, growing economic and security concerns lagged not too far behind as key driving forces for the colonization of Australia. After several takes of the "Documents", I have culminated with the rationale of growth and stability as the ultimate goals for Great Britain's Pacific expansion.[-1: a result of increased population from return of displaced American loyalist, increased poor urban dwellers and squatters, and most importantly, the excess of convicted felon ]James Matra opens the dialogue with a primary interest in Australia to serve as an "asylum" for the displaced American loyalist. Having had his land and assets revoked after the war, Matra wanted to ensure that his fate would not be perpetuated and that a better alternative would be available for him and those experiencing similar misfortunes. Aware of the novelty of his proposition, Matra proposes the idea of designing the Australian settlements as an accommodation for excess English convicts, appealing much to the testimony of Sir Joseph Banks. Matra pushed for convict transportation recognizing that this manner of approach in his pleas for an Australian colony would gain a sympathetic hearing from Lord Sydney. By exploiting Lord Sydney's growing concern regarding the exploding prisons in Great Britain, Matra was successful in his endeavors as Sydney eventually conceded that all settlers, encompassing non-convincts, should be cared for and the "expense [for their livelihood] should not be considered". [1: DeLancey, J., et al. The Founding of...

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