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The falchion was conceptualized in the 11th century.it was a derivitve of both the scimitar and the machete.due to its low consumption of resources neccessary for construction,the falchion became a staple weapon of the dark ages and was mass produced by blacksmiths across the region;as there was a large demand for them.the falchion was soon incorporated into military training exercises.two designs of the falchion developed as close combat tactics developed.as new armor and techniques were devied;new weapon designs were created to rebut the strengths of the opposing variable.the first design was known as the cusped falchion.the cusped falchion bore a sharp tip allowing for thrusting techniques to be used as well as slashing.as the point narrowed the blade elongated and narrowed allowing for greater reach and quicker retraction.the cleaver falchion was the original design of the falchion.the cleaver falchion resembled the scimitar and machete in design,likely influenced by these designs.the curvature of the blade allowed greater apportionments of the blade to be concentrated at the end of the blade giving it greater centrifugal force,and therefore,essentially,allowed for more momentum and a slashing attack.whereas the cusped falchion my have been influenced by the kilij,being of ottoman cognation,and sabres being of turkish and mongol design.as it was required of the peasants to undergo military training;and therefore procuration of a weapon of choice,the falchion was commonly used by peasants amongst the society.the falchion was also commonly used by squires,who were in the fortunate position of knighthoodsman in training.basically they were not under the full penalty of judgement,based on the stereotype of a knight,so they were allowed to train with a common sword,such as the falchion.once a squire became a knight,however,it was neccessitated that he procure a sword beffitting of his stature.if the knight could not afford the price,he would enornamate the sword so that it would bear his crest and...

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