Historical Accuracies Of The Cinderella Man

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James J. Braddock possesses an enticing story of overcoming obstacles and denying defeat. Braddock was an amateur boxer before 1929 and was fairly successful. After the Stock Market Crash his career took a downturn. He lost many matches and crushed his right hand. Later, desperate for money, he participates in another match. Surprisingly he wins and becomes next in line to fight the heavyweight champion Max Baer. In a great upset he defeats the defending heavyweight champion. James Braddock’s story is told in the film: The Cinderella Man. The Cinderella Man refrains from adding inaccurate thematic elements and accurately portrays James J. Braddock’s life, his boxing career, and the Great Depression.
The Cinderella Man accurately portrays James J. Braddock’s family life. During the Great Depression, Braddock underwent many struggles including feeding his family. The film notes Braddock’s care and concern for his children influencing him to give them his food (The Man 1). Braddock’s publicized self-sacrificing nature awes audiences at his genuine character. The Cinderella Man also correctly shows Mae Braddock’s participation, or lack thereof, in her husbands boxing career. The film correctly demonstrates Mae’s fear for her husband’s well-being influences her absence from Braddock’s boxing matches (Historical Accuracies 2). Mae’s support and concern for her husband is accurately portrayed throughout the film. Braddock’s family values were accurately portrayed throughout the film. He put his family first by sacrificing meals, working, and supporting them. The film accurately portrayed Braddock’s family values and emphasized how family should come first. The Cinderella Man demonstrates Braddock’s family values through reproducing actual events.
The film accurately portrays James J. Braddock’s boxing career and experiences. Prior to the 1929 Stock Market Crash, Braddock was a successful light heavyweight boxer. The film accurately shows Braddock facing Tommy Loughran for the light heavyweight championship in 1929 (The Man 1). Braddock’s career before the Great Depression was influential in his later victories and therefore, a needed part of the film. The film also correctly depicts James Braddock’s injuries affecting his fighting. After the Great Depression hit, Braddock shattered his right fist suspending his fighting career (The Man 1). Braddock’s injury was an important turning point in James Braddock’s boxing career and was sufficiently recognized in the film. Most importantly, the film accurately reenacts Braddock’s fight against Max Baer. Braddock, the underdog, won the heavyweight championship against the powerful Baer in fifteen rounds by carefully studying his opponent (The Man 1). Braddock’s win was one of the greatest upsets in boxing history and was highlighted as such in the film. The Cinderella Man accurately demonstrates James Braddock’s boxing career: in...

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