Historical Accuracy Of “In The Country Of Men”

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“Democracy can only exist with the presence of the people and not in the presence of representatives of the people. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the “Mad dog of the Middle East,” said that quote. Baba Suleiman, Moosa, and many others were fighting for democracy. However, according to Gaddafi that was the type of Government Libya was already under. All the revolutionary men fighting with Baba were all for democracy so why would they be leading a revolution while their leader had the same ideas as them? Researching Gaddafi was a mystery alone. The wide spread of opinion and facts of what he actually did was mind-boggling. Finding legitimate information about such a famous person was never so difficult. Gaddafi was criticized and praised by people around the world and from his own county. He supported women’s rights, free public education, and he increased the overall economic growth by 10%. However, there are always two sides to a story, especially in politics. At first Gaddafi began to appear as a warm hearted caring man, but I was soon able to find the dark side to him that he would let out on anyone who got in his way. Gaddafi’s other side is certainly shown in the country of men and is seen as wrong or bizarre behavior by a minor collection of people. In the novel there is talk of hangings, government surveillance, public executions, corruption, and deportations. Most of these acts Gaddafi did enforce the reasons behind Hisham Matar putting them in the novel is logical.
In 1973 Gaddafi began a campaign called the “Popular Revolution.” This is called the popular revolution because it was what the people wanted and what Gaddafi wanted. He was going to restart the government and basically all of Libya. While doing this he banned the consumption of alcohol and the allowance of foreign nations to have military bases on Libya’s territory. That is why in “In the Country of Men” momma was secretive about consuming alcohol and why Bahoul the Beggar was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw the open alcohol bottle in the kitchen. Not only was it against their religion, but alcohol had serious risks for people caught purchasing or selling. This is a somewhat unusual and harsh punishment, but he believed it was right. He was a religious man who did not believe the consumption of alcohol should be allowed in the country he ruled. Another aspect of the story was the hanging of Ustah Rashid. This was based on a real event of the execution of Al-Sadek Al-Shuwehdy. This was a public hanging in a Basketball stadium in Benghazi. Here thousands of college students and others were excited for the event. He was being punished for the “Stray Dogs “act that Gaddafi did enforce. Gaddafi was responsible for the deportations of over 2000 Jews and thousands of relatives of people who were supposedly connected to revolutionists. These deportations were supposed to keep the country peaceful and let Gaddafi run the country without any resistance. The last true part of “In the...

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