Historical, And Iconographical Analysis Of "The Book Of Kells", And Ancient Irish Illuminated Manusript. Title Is "The Book Of Kells".

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"The Book of Kells"Annotated Bibliography:Brown Peter. The Book of Kells. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1981.This source is a credible academic source for several reasons. The book focuses solely on the subject of the "Book of Kells", and therefore contains detailed information on this subject. The author of the book is Peter Brown, The former librarian of the Trinity College in Dublin Ireland, the place where the book is kept. One can therefore assume that the information is relevant and correct. The publisher, Thames and Hudson, publishes many academic resources on art archaeology, and architecture as well as many college books, so this book by Peter Brown is there for no a leisure book but an academic source. The only drawback of this source is that is not the most current source from Trinity College nor is Mr. Brown the most current librarian, the book was published in 1981 and new information may have been discovered since then.Andrew, Aletha and Scott Reavis. "The Book of Kells: Resource Review." INLS 108 History of Books and Libraries. Andrew Aletha. July 3 2001. < http://people.tamu.edu/~alethaa/inls108a.html> (Dec7 2001)This web site is useful for a source of academic information because is The resource review on the "Book of Kells" for The university course, INLS 108 History of Books and Libraries, The editor and co-author of this site, Aletha Andrew, instructs this course and is the responsible for the creation of this web site as well as home site for the course she instructs. Therefore the information is coming from an informed and knowledgeable academic source.Higgit John. "The Book of Kells; the book of kells, MN 58, Trinity College Library, Dublin, commentary". Art History Volume 14 (sept 1991): 446-450.This journal article can be consider a good academic source as it was published in Art History, a well know and reputable academic journal. The article was also published in the September 1991 issue and is therefore fairly recent being that is from the last ten year so the information contain within is reliable and relevant to the subject of the "Book of Kells".Formal Description:The "Book of Kells" is the most famous of the manuscripts at Trinity College in Dublin, and one of the most impressive illuminated manuscripts in the world. The book is a Latin text of the four Gospels written in amazingly decorative lines of script, and it has large lavishly painted pages and beautiful decoration within the lines of script themselves, and also features full page illustrations of Christ, the Virgin, and the Evangelists. The books pages are vellum that is paper made of calfskin, which was and still is expensive to produce and use. The Book contains 680 pages, or 340 folios, which measure about 33cm high and 24 cm wide, and all but two of these pages are without colour. The book was originally thought to have about 370 folios, as some of the preliminary text is missing, and St. Johns Gospel is cut off in the middle, also the gospels of...

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