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Historical Effects: Where Are They Now? (5 “Civilized” Tribes) Essay

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Where are they now? In the 1830s, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act which forcibly relocated the 5 “Civilized” Indian Tribes: Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole. Even though they were slowly integrating American culture and were showing great progress toward civilization. The Indians were forced to adapt to the new, foreign environment they were sent to or be killed by American soldiers because for one they were considered “dangerous savages”. To them their environment shaped their sense of identity, so when they were relocated they had a undergo a drastic change to survive which had great effects on the tribes’ futures. For example, the Cherokee are currently divided into ...view middle of the document...

These actions caused the Indians to be upset with the Americans and this could prevent Indians and Americans from ever being able to live together in harmony. Especially since the difficulty they faced trying to adapt to their new environment could have spelled doom for the 5 “Civilized” Indian Tribes.
Another effect that the Indian Removal Act caused is that it changed how the Indians lived their lives. Initially, when the Indians first settled in their new lands they faced some difficulty trying to adapt. For example, when the Cherokee planted crops along Arkansas River, the crops were washed away because the river regularly flooded. For the Choctaws, they had to leave behind their homes, field, crops, and whatever livestock they possessed. For the Chickasaws, their was no land in the new Indian Territory for them to occupy, so they sold their land to the U.S. and used the money to lease land from the Choctaws. Now they can live on the annual money payments without the need to establish farms. To the Chickasaws, the removal led them to a cash economy and a political situation that lessened their dependance on the natural environment. The removal act caused the Cherokee to modify their farming methods to suit the new environment, caused the Choctaws to restock their supplies from scratch, and changed Chickasaws from a tribe that relied on agriculture to one that relied on business. Therefore, it changing how the Indians lived their lives.
The last effect of the Indian Removal Act is that it had negative effects on the economy. The Indian Removal Act caused a lot of death of Native Americans because some didn’t...

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