Historical Essay: Same Sex Marriages

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Take a moment to embark on a journey, a quest of fear that may sever you from everything you know. Don't panic. Panicking won't save him anymore than it will help you. You need to be detached from all emotion or you may miss your chance. Here comes the doctor. Dry your tears, clear your mind, and choose your words carefully. They may be the last he will ever hear. The doctor approaches, but he does not focus on you. He looks around the room, asking to speak to the family of his invalid patient. You assert your presence, struggling to ignore the stinging sensation in your eyes. To your dismay, he dismisses you, claiming you are not kin of the dying man. You have no business here. Go home and wait for his real family to give you permission to return. You are stunned beyond words, a deluge of tears are your only response. You beg the doctor to let you in, but your pleading is futile. Hours come and go, and at last his family arrives to help you. But they're too late. He passed silently away, without seeing you one last time. You were denied the right to say goodbye to the person you loved more than anyone else, your best friend and dearest companion with whom you've shared a lifetime, simply because the two of you were of the same sex and unmarried.Marriage is an institution that provides American couples with tangible rewards in addition to a formalized _expression of love and commitment. Under civil law, marriage offers legal familial status, medical, property, and post-death benefits, as well as many others. More importantly, however, it bestows upon them the ability to exercise the privilege that accompanies being an American citizen: the privilege of uninhibited choice. The issue of same-sex marriage is a topic that is both significant and contemporary in American society. The limitations that are placed upon marriage adversely affect the homosexual population that yearns for it, setting them apart from heterosexual individuals in the eyes of the law and society. The broader issue of homosexual rights has been prevalent in this country for decades, emerging in post World War II years with the formulation of certain activist groups and taking a political stance after the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969. The specific topic of same-sex marriage became a notable controversy when the Baehr v. Lewin case commenced in Hawaii in 1991. The fact that a certain population is being quarantined from other members of society in terms of the law proves that the U.S. is not a wholly unbiased and fair country that rises above trivial prejudices. On the contrary, the debate over same-sex marriage is a flagrant example of existing inequality that is an urgent social problem. Marriage should be extended to American couples of a similar gender, for it is an act that genuinely reflects the freedom of choice that all people in the United States are entitled to.While marriage is an acute topic that has sparked heated debate in more recent years, the vocalized presence of...

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Same Sex Marriages Essay

566 words - 2 pages People shouldn't tell other people what is right or what is moral because everyone has different beliefs and there are so many different religions. For instance, just because (hypothetically speaking) I don't agree with same-sex marriages because my religion tells me that it's wrong doesn't mean I have the right to decide whether two men or two women can or can't get married. It would be the same thing as if an atheist told a believer that he or

Same sex marriages Essay

1106 words - 4 pages Same Sex Marriages is the union of two same sex partners. A legally recognized relationship established by a civil ceremony, who's intend is live together as sexual and domestic partners. It has many names such as same gender marriage, gay marriage, marriage equality, and homosexual marriage. Depending on the audience.These terms a usually represents uncertain, confusion, inappropriateness, controversial, offensive, or some hidden

Same Sex Marriages

900 words - 4 pages Cameron of the Family Research Institute does not believe that this istrue. Instead he believes that same sex marriage is a threat to the heterosexualcommunity. His first reason against same sex marriage is that homosexual marriages areshort lived. He feels that this is more about legitimacy that actual marriage. The secondreason he states is that homosexual marriage results in high-risk behavior and unsafe sex.Which leads to AIDS and other such

Same-sex marriages

834 words - 3 pages human beings. In the second definition it does not specify that it is recognized by law. My question is, "why not"? Among the many issues facing same-sex marriages there is the question of morality of this type of behavior, whether or not same-sex couples should be parents, and the legitimacy of the marriage.The morality of homosexuality has always been a topic of question for many religions, organizations, and political parties. Religions such as

Same-sex marriages

1777 words - 7 pages decision does protect the rights of religious groups, and will continue to do so. The court extends its protection to religious groups who do not agree with same-sex marriages. Catholics, Orthodox Jews, and others who do not agree with same-sex marriage have the constitutional right not to marry them. The court stated that no one can compel a religious official to perform same-sex marriages if they are contrary to religious beliefs. To do so would be a

Same Sex Marriages

842 words - 3 pages many it is against their religion. But, our constitution also says that we have freedom of religion; for gay marriages not to be allowed because of religious beliefs is against our constitution.Raising children is a large and difficult job. Many people believe that same-sex couples should not be allowed to raise children. With all the children out there being raised be murderers, convicted felon, and even child molester's people are worried about

Same Sex Marriages - 1561 words

1561 words - 6 pages supporters as evidence of a growing coalition; and give people a tool and a task in building that coalition and approaching others. It is a tool to reach out and gather support from the American population, support that they can later gather and use with the government in order to legalize same-sex marriages. This is the most practical solution in our situation because it is so easily done and it takes mere minutes to complete the form. Once the

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939 words - 4 pages Homosexual marriages should be universally acknowledged in American society ? Its not about being fair, its about being understanding and tolerant of diversity. In Anna Quindlen's essay, ?Evan?s Two Moms?, she discusses the hardships of living in a same-sex marriage. Homosexual relationships are looked down upon by society. It is as if their constitutional rights do not even exist. They are looked down upon for desiring to get married, adopting

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages

2432 words - 10 pages and credit.3. Celebrating a marriage is a "judicial proceeding" where judges or court clerks perform the act of marriage.It would seem evident that if heterosexual couples use Article IV as a safety net and guarantee for their wedlock, then that same right should be given to same-sex couples. Article IV has often been used as a reference point for interracial marriages in the south when those states do not want to recognize the legitimacy of a

Should same sex marriages be allowed?

1441 words - 6 pages Same-sex marriages have been very controversial since becoming an issue in Canada regarding the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Several people state that same-sex marriages should be legal, while others disagree, saying it should not be permitted. There have been many debates and inquiries about this issue for several years; the MP's and Parliament will finally settle the problem within the next year or so. Many are in favour of

Same Sex Marriages Pros and Cons.

803 words - 3 pages For this assignment I am supposed to debate the issue of same sex marriages. I assume my paper should pick one side of the issue and debate it from that opinion. However on the issue of gay marriages, I don't have an opinion. I consider myself an open-minded individual who doesn't like to be judged, thus, I don't judge anyone else. Having been involved in a bi-racial marriage, believe me when I say that I have walked a mile in the shoes. I know

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Same Sex Marriages Essay

1305 words - 5 pages Currently in the United States there has been much debate over the controversy surrounding the legalization of same-sex marriages. There are many people who are opposed and feel it is morally and ethically wrong and others who feel that same-sex marriages are acceptable. Prior to writing about this topic I had no strong feelings toward or against the issue on same-sex marriages. After researching and finding out more information on the topic, I

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747 words - 3 pages Same-Sex Marriages Sergius and Bacchus, two people madly in love with each other. Did I mention they were both male? Yet, they were persecuted and tortured to death by the Romans for their Christian beliefs, not their sexual orientation. In fact, during the Middle Ages the relationship between Sergius and Bacchus was considered a model of compassionate union, and possibly marriage, based on [love] and respect (Eskridge 1). Obviously, the Romans

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845 words - 3 pages Same-Sex Marriages:'I Do or Don't?'There are issues brewing all the time that catch somebody's eye at one time or another. Issues such as abortion, single-parent families, the homeless, AIDS, politics, euthanasia, and same- sex marriages. Same-sex marriages caught my eye as an issue of 1996 which people should be aware of. Not necessarily because of gay and lesbian rights, but because they are people too and why should they be permitted on how

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558 words - 2 pages Same-Sex Marriages (Should it be allowed? Should it involve children?) "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their heads."- Leviticus 20:13. "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: ......homosexual offenders.....will not inherit the kingdom of God."- 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. "Do not lie with a