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Historical Head Essay

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1. Bows and arrows
Bows and arrows were very important for California Indians. These weapons were extremely common for hunting. Because of their skill on hunting, the patience of the Indians, as De la Perouse described, were inexpressible. I chose to draw this image because this was one of the elements that made up a life of California Indian. They depend on hunting for their source of food. “They conceal themselves and slide in a manner after their game, seldom shooting until within fifteen paces …. That our hunters, when within thirty paces, would have fired at him if they had not been forewarned.” De La Perouse was comparing the patience of their hunters with the Indians. He also mentioned it was admirable to watch the Indians to hunt for larger animals like bears and wild cats. This tells me that not only the bows and arrows were part of the hunting, their patience was very important too.
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3. Corporal punishment
Corporal punishments had an important impact on the California Indians. They were commonly used in the missions on both sexes. The Indians were whipped, chained and locked up in prison. The purposes of punishments were to let the Indians to be more cooperative. I chose to draw this image because the missionaries were very harsh on Indians and they could control these neophytes by punishing them. De La Perouse described the punishments as “neglect the exercises of piety.” “Corporal punishment is inflicted on the Indians of both sexes who neglect the exercises of piety, and many sins, which in Europe are left to divine justice, are here punished by irons and the stocks.” De La Perouse was contrasting the punishments in missions of California and in Europe.
4. Working in the missions
Working in the missions includes tilling the ground with oxen and dig in the garden. This was only not the only task that the Indians did daily; they had to be awaked when the sun was up and go to morning prayers, then the Indians eat their meal. When they were working on the fields, they were being watched by one or two missionaries. I chose to draw this image because it seems to me that the Indians had no freedom of life. They continued this routine every day. “The time of repast is three quarters of an hour, after which they all go to work, some to till the ground with oxen, some to dig in the garden, while others are employed in domestic occupations, all under the eye of one or two missionaries.”
5. Polygamy
Polygamy had an important effect on the California Indians. Before the Indians were being converted, the man married all sisters of the dame family. After they were converted to Christianity, the man only marries to one wife. “I must confess, however, notwithstanding the unanimous report of the missionaries concerning this pretended polygamy that I am at a loss to conceive how it could have been established in a nation savages.” wrote De La Perouse. I chose to draw this image because it stuck in my head when I read this section about a man could marry sisters in the same family. That seems very unusual.

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